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Write. Code. Program. 4D printer, print body parts for new society. Invent creations laid out for the very few. Learn to program poetry. Following will be inventions for survival. There will be no rivals. There will be no politics. No room for error. There will be no climbing ladders. No glass ceiling. It will be laid bare. Exploded. Burnt crisp and cooked rare. A wall will be built. The survivors will ask for more gear. More air. Food will run out soon, beware.

Program: design tree. Each survivor: one seed. Take seed deep into woods. Seed coded to support life, of one. Tree will grow as large as one needs. Lifespan: supply food crops and protein for life of three generations. Human and plant. Final: symbiotic relationship. Engineered to sustain life. To sustain earth. To filter air. To produce fresh water. Once tree harvests first fruit, wind proof dome will cocoon. When water rises, roots detach. Find room. Program: float forward. C:/>VERIFY


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