Waiting for the Storm

Posted by on Dec 23, 2009 in Choken Word, healthcare, politics

They say no one vote can change history.
Unless you are a senator looking for a victory.
Unless you are looking to obstruct
a bill not supported in your personal construct.

And if you are this man your vote is a Dictatorship.
as you can ask for mountains of money for your leadership.
Who cares if you are in the minority you say?
You are doing God’s work withholding your vote today.

Pick your poison it would seem  to be the case
as these bills all turn into the evil we must soon face.
That regardless of being part of a super majority
every man is looking out for his seniority.

To be able to be the last man standing for fear
of losing his seat in the senate next year.
As senators continue to make legislation a career
we are losing the democracy we have in past endeared.

Throw them all out many people are saying.
Don’t let them know they can do this without obeying.
How can they not vote the voice of the people.
Especially from the people who are in the steeple.

We have the backing of God and these men are heathens.
Abortion or money it’s all even steven.
To pick something to throw in the wheel of the machine.
Make a mockery of the system that is losing its steam.

Maybe democracy is broken and will never again work.
Especially when both parties are sworn to their pork.
Especially when buying a vote is allowed.
And told to be the way democracy is kowtowed.

Yes sir master whatever you want
as long as I get your vote to keep the bill on the stump.
A bill can get so absolutely polluted
when senators put themselves before the people they saluted.

As the bodies come back from Iraq and Afghanistan.
It would seem health care reform for their families is quite distant.
2014 and maybe we will see some reform.
Until then, I will be waiting for the storm.



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