Volunteer A23-5

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I am volunteer A23-5
We made it here and we are fine
There is little time to think
So much to do to keep us alive

Sometimes I dream of the western pioneers
As we sit here in our tubed station
Maintaining life support for no nation
So that this will be here when you land

If we are alive then is of no concern
As we all gave our lives in order to learn
If it was possible to live in this climate
To be the first planet colony not on Earth

Elusions of grandeur we have none
All scientists from our one Sun
We all live because of evolution
As nature took chances so must we

For it is part of our ancestry
Programmed into our DNA
To explore as much as we can
To learn as we go and plan

There is no looking back at what was done
Our planet died as we begun
To grow past any boundary
To reach into the universe we came from

To become an intergalactic species
To be a part of this grand experiment
I am happy and I am alive
I am volunteer A23-5

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