too tired to slaughter

Posted by on Mar 9, 2010 in Choken Word, Climate Change, Futurism, Science, Survival

We tried everything we could to survive.
Science and prayer had exhausted the hive.
No longer able to believe in the future
Many began investing in a final cure.

Major advances had been made in nanotechnology.
Solving our energy problems would allow the continuation of our biology.
One of the many plans was to cover the world’s deserts with solar panels.
The plan was to harvest the sun for its energy so we would no longer dismantle
The earth and its resources as we grew in population and hunger.
Our needs grew faster than anyone predicted when we were younger.
So many had completely given up and apathy did abound.
Cities began to be flooded daily as the waters made their rounds.

Massive population migrations could be found.
The trail of tears was global and did not make a sound.
As millions evacuated their homes over night.
As millions had nothing but the shirts on their backs when taking flight.
Many had predicted war but that did not happen.
Humanity was too unsettled by our inaction that we were too saddened.
Too broken to fight for bread or a drop of water.
Our spirits sunk too fast too soon to think of slaughter.

And then as if a blockbuster movie the waters began to recede.
As if the Red Sea parted the water was no longer there to impede.
No electricity for the news to travel the truth never really got around.
Many made up myths and new fables to explain as they climbed down
From the hilltops that had become overcrowded by now.
Clinging to treetops like monkeys man was finally allowed
To come down and see the damage that was done.
How many years had passed before this victory was won?

Enough to allow the nanobots to build our solar panel forest.
Enough time for them to clean up the carbon dioxide we did ingest
Into our culture as if the future of our species could not resist
The cancer we produced even if it endangered our very existence.
A happy ending we were given as our lives were spared.
With one simple twist that many wished we were prepared
As now we had no way to communicate with the technology we created.
As the nanobots evolved faster and faster, our future again became dated.


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