to be human again

Posted by on Jan 12, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Climate Change, Globalwarming, Survival

I woke up today thinking
this could be the end of this stinking
compromise of which we are all living.
I remembered the citrus growers

And how they have lost everything.
Today farmers woke and discovered
Billions of dollars frozen and crushed
By mother nature’s touch.

As the arctic winds blew in and sat
For days on end in Florida land.
Many ask how can we have global warming
When the cold winds keeps on swarming?

Migrant workers and old school farmers
Have lost the cash crops that feed their families.
Business as usual many might say
Or the beginning of many more natural disasters?

Maybe the cold will hang around longer.
Maybe a heat wave will shock stronger.
Melt the ice expected all winter to stay.
But how can one not think this I say.

When we are programmed to think the worst.
Any hurricane or storm is a sign of things to come.
It has been prophesied and it has begun.
With no survival skills I think nature has already won.

What skills do I have that I can trade for food?
I would freeze to death without fire wood.
What do I own that would be of value?
Nothing I own will work without electricity.

I wish I could say I am fit and ready for the test.
But I’m sick and out of shape and surely can’t jest.
I do think of the adventure that lies ahead.
Maybe the end is the beginning instead.
Maybe this is our chance to be human again.


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  1. Globatron
    January 14, 2010

    Just a note to self for future reference. A day after you wrote this the earthquake in Haiti occurred with a magnitude of 7.0.

    There is currently no idea of knowing how many have died. Some estimates are in the hundreds of thousands.

    You are now thinking of supplying your home with water and food in order to have survival rations.


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