Thousands Are Sailing

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As if a weight was lifted.
We spoke of our new possible next step.
As if we were truly gifted.
We spoke of our next best bet.
We are pawns and can only go one move forward.
As we pick ourselves up like a turtle with its shell going onward.

Where opportunity calls we will answer.
Like my Irish immigrant ancestors of old, no longer a cancer.
Traveling long distances across unknown lands
To make a better life for their children where it was not barren.

Many going forward before their families.
Working hard labor for years and years fleeing atrocity.
Where food did not grow anymore and work was not had.
Working like slaves they blessed their work and were glad
That they had survived the famine that so many did not.
That they were given a second chance when many were not.

So many immigrant families from all over the world
Have come to this country to find their riches and pearls.
So many will testify to the power of hard work and determination.
If you keep that promise America is truly the golden nation.

That no matter the foreign policy blunders that America has made
When things come down to it, this is the best country to be made
And to make a path for yourself and your offspring.
To follow your dreams and passion’s true ring.

What made this country so great, was its power to innovate.
So many entrepreneurs and so much energy to create.
I write this as a man unemployed during the Great Recession.
The one so many times compared to the Great Depression.

And I say this because I know that there is no better country in which to be
When one finds themselves in a time of need.
There is no better place to look to reinvent oneself than right here.
There is no better place to look deep within oneself and not fear.



    February 23, 2010

    Thousands Are Sailing: Unemployed and proud to be of Irish decent and look back at what my ancestors endured.

  2. Center'd in JAX
    February 23, 2010

    News: Globatron: Thousands Are Sailing #jacksonville

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