Think Katrina

Posted by on Jun 26, 2010 in 2010, choken sounds, Choken Word, Survival

You want to know how it will begin.
Think Katrina, that will be the end.
There will be no water to drink.
There will be no room to think.
There will be no gas to link
Your body from point a to b.

At night it will be too dark.
No electric tools to spark.
The only light being the moon and stars.
People will rob and kill.
This my friend is the real deal.

Just you and your family and today.
Fighting is second nature to stay.
Food as distant as a childhood dream.
To exist you will need to find a team.

Katrina and the lessons we did not learn.
Was it the preparation that we did need?
A quick smack to the head so we would bleed.
Did it prepare some for what has churned?
Now only a distant memory we burn.



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