The Word

Posted by on Jan 30, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, OccupyTogether, Peace, To Save Your Kind, Truth

The wind blows.
The birds sing.
The water flows.
In the beginning was sound.
A frequency that blew through the ground.
Rising volcanoes from bursting stars.
Energy compacted and thrown so very far.

The up and down of a wave
comes from our lips as sound is made.
Attempting to describe all that can be thought.
Reaching for the heavens from which we were brought.

I write these words to heal wounds.
To sew empathy into the lips of baboons.
So that they might think before they speak.
So that they might use words instead of sticks.

To work towards peace instead of conflict.
I enter keywords that might be sought.
Peace, Love, Empathy, Occupy, Evolution, Revolution.
May these words be found and used to contain
the hate that flows through our veins.

May this metadata be tagged, liked and shared worldwide.
So that through our keywords we might find God.
The elusive universal oneness that is inside
all who seek.

Who seek truth.
Who seek wisdom.
Who learn to forgive and forget.
That Google themselves and do not regret.
For in the beginning was the Word.
The sound of all creation
which can bring together all nations.
To one Om.
To one breath.


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