The Small People

Posted by on Jun 22, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, politics, TheMachine

Will not set you free, in this you can believe.
The Gulf Coast will never ever be clean.
You can run for office but you won’t do a thing.
You are all the same we now know.
You are only in it for the power you seek.
President, Governor or Senator you all leak
With the lies we have learned to eat.

Promise your side what they want to hear.
Then get into office and disappear
On a golf course of your picking.
As you convince yourself that you are working.
That a man of your stature needs so much time off.
That your job is so hard that no one should scoff.
That you are in it for theĀ small people.

Some want government to be smaller.
Some want government to help us when we holler.
But the system has been set up to choke us out.
The air we breathe is toxic we no longer doubt.
No politician can save us now.
Believe in yourself and try not to get down.
The Gulf Coast will be a poisoned deadly blight.
The wars will continue the rest of our children’s lives.
The truth is not something in which we delight.
will set you free, in this you must believe.



  1. Greg
    June 22, 2010

    I liked the poem lots Globa. Completely agree with the message. Our government is so out of touch with the lower 95%. I think one the reasons is because by the time you can get to a position into which you could be elected to an office like this you have become a part of the system too much to be effective.

    I fear we are actually really on the verge of a second civil war in this country. The constitution states that when when we are unable to remove the government through the legally allowed means the people have a right and duty to remove it from power. I say this because the course we are on will soon be closer to a monoarchy again. Where the elite are only in a position to take power and the rest of us just wait and watch.

    I honestly was very hopeful that Obama would keep his promises about his presidency. He talked a great game when he was running, complete transparency, open public debate and opinion on all bills before the Congress votes on them, publicly broadcasted meetings on all legislation being proposed. It sounded awesome. But alas the reality did not meet the promises. ALL administrations are guilty of this. I am fucking tired of it. I want a government that is really of the people but somehow doubt we will ever see it again in our lifetime.

  2. Logocentric
    June 22, 2010

    when i was in high school, near the gulf coast, incidentally, a science teacher said that a gallon of oil pollutes around a million gallons of drinking water if it goes directly into the water system. is that possible?

  3. globatron
    June 23, 2010

    Greg how would you see this civil war taking place? If it was up to me I’d rather have running water and a police force to protect my family. It would be neighbor to neighbor these days. There is no border. I definitely would not fight. A sham of a government is better than no government at all I think. Glad you liked it. I bottled that one up for a few weeks.

    interesting Logo. I hope your teacher was smoking the good stuff.

  4. Greg
    June 23, 2010

    Honestly I believe that if the economy does get to the breaking point were 5% of the entire populace has the resources and the rest are simply fighting, stealing and scavengening to get whatever is left. That is a chemical makeup for a revolution if I ever heard one. You can’t push the people to the breaking point and expect them not to react. If the trend of our government being out of touch continues I see this conflict of some form being inevetable. I am not sure how it would come down honestly. I know that the elections work, when they stop working is when we have an issue.

  5. Logocentric
    June 23, 2010

    whether or not it is inevitable, Greg, it is possible–and, as such, those in the top 5 have most likely already worked out numerous scenarios and their responses to them. point is that a small minority have gained political knowledge and bearings according to a form of class consciousness (it’s designed to protect ‘like’ people from ‘others’). and if there will be a revolution, the revolutionaries would first have to figure out their own class lines and brand of class consciousness. not an easy task in a sea of 95% of the population, which at one time adhered quite tenaciously, as i recall, to an idea of ‘the middle class,’ and thus believes in meaningful class divisions (a variety of them, in fact) among the lower 95. they would, second, have to deal with the reality that the top 5 have almost certainly already thought all of this through. consequently, revolution becomes not inevitable but on a practical level, unlikely, because anyone who would organize would have to do so in a cultural and intellectual context that has already been tampered with by those the revolutionaries would seek to replace.

    this whole idea of revolution, stinks, though, doesn’t it? almost as though that is what we’re expected to talk about?


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