The Rest will Follow

Posted by on Jan 2, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, OccupyTogether

I come to you anew. Desiring only one thing. Love… That you might find it. That it might exist in your life. For you are the eyes of the universe. You are the body of the creation. One single nation, of life. All connected. All hate rejected.

You and me, we sit on a time bomb. Ticking time in rhyme. A cadence some might find sublime. Set for a  cleansing. Of ego. Of ignorance. Of stalemates. Of seasons too late. Of negotiating disarmament. I beg of you, let your fists unclench. Let your brow unfurrow. Let your stress release.

Because there is no future. There is no end game. There is only this game. This now game. The here game. There is no planning that can prepare you for when the ocean rises. No place to hide if the poles shift.  No preparing for tectonic plate shift.

For WE are merely mites on the scab of a ball of fire. Screaming through space with so many minute Earthly desires. Each breath, we inhale a miracle of space and time. One hand the space dust from another star. Separated by super nova.

Billions of years of single celled organisms, all divided to naturally select you thus far. To put you and me here to dream.  To imagine. To care for each other when saddened. So on this new day of beginning, I ask you to occupy your hearts. The rest will follow.  Love is the only lesson we are to know. If we don’t learn it now, the cycle continues to flow.


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