The Prophet Motive

We pool our resources
We list our skills and passions.
We ask how to be a good neighbor.

How to reach out,
educating without alienating.
How to find one common cause.

How to find our prophet motive.
Doing good without compensation.
To become whole inside this global nation.

Fear can be crippling
as we face the reality of the human disgrace.
The environmental destruction we now face.

A new world we now embrace.
Where each decision and action
multiplies ten fold up the food chain.

Into the falling rain.
Radiating the plants we maintain.
We grow in order to become less dependent.

To pull away from the system
that has made us believe we are helpless.
That our actions are useless.

Feeding us nothing but lies.
For we are the system we so despise.
Through the products we buy and dispose.

We grow the cancer that morphs the rose.
Makes the dandelion’s stem repose.
As we trace the isotopes across the ocean

let our decisions not be a choice but an obligation.
To be watchmen of what is left.
To lay hands on the hungry and bereft.

Because we know we can.


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