The Great Illusion

Posted by on Jun 4, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Philosophy, Spirituality

I saw an old friend today I have not seen in thirteen years.
I mentioned his name a week ago and today he appeared.
He had not changed at all it seemed and was still thin.
He told me how he has been living for years now in my dear Brooklyn.

I just moved here two days earlier for a new job.
He just came South two days ago to visit his mom.
I told him how I was speaking about him with our mutual friend.
How I drove a minivan now and am married with two kids.

We were in a pizzeria on the beach and it was extremely hot.
We were amazed at this rare meeting we both got.
We parted ways and I walked away in a mental fog.
Was this just a coincidence we would dislodge?

Maybe this is a glitch in the operating system we all fear?
That if you speak their names it all becomes more clear.
Maybe his life and mine have been connected the entire time?
That we have always been walking together in another paradigm.

In another life I might have been his brother or roommate.
In another life we might have been enemies for heaven’s sake.
It is becoming more clear that everyone we meet in life is for a reason?
Maybe no matter what choices we make time is an illusion?



  1. Logocentric
    June 4, 2010

    this is a wonderful description of a synchronistic event.

    does anyone else sense that such events are becoming more frequent in their lives?

    i feel that i have become tuned into a frequency, as David Ickes puts it, from which my memories operate. in fact, i imagine it has always been this way, but that i am only now discovering it. i think this accounts for those clairvoyant events i described in another post, for example. that memories work not only from something called the past, but in the other direction as well.

    but there is also the present and the realm of the social. i have trouble with this aspect of consciousness, now more than ever before in my life. the coincidences have become so great in dealing with people that i am tempted to think they are false and manufactured. in other words, one way of viewing this is to say that i am meeting those people i am meant to meet–people with whom i have uncanny similarities. another view is that i am simply participating in a new reality made possible, in part, by the internet, where many details of of a person’s life can be collected with relative ease–whether consciously or not. i’m caught somewhere between the mystical and the technological, and i wonder sometimes what the differences may be.

  2. crystl37
    June 5, 2010

    That’s what I’m talking about globatron! Excellent! What timing for such an occurrence in the midst of recent discussions here.

    Logocentric-as you know-I am all about these events and the reflection on what has brought us here. I encourage you not to be too skeptical, follow the resonance, I think you know it. The internet is responsible for these meetings, but I don’t see it in a negative sense at all. Technology and the internet is a tool, a gift, that is enabling us to find each other-outside the constructs of time and distance between. Of course the internet is not a totally safe place, but in the context of dimensional connections, the mystical and the technological merge.

  3. Greg
    June 5, 2010

    My mother who is very much a liberal, well that is not quite accurate, I would say more enlightened and aware than I ever will be told me something. She told me recently that people are like ships, they come into our lives when we need them, usually always temporary but there is a purpose to their presense, something to learn, or share, or be to each other. They will pass on out of our lives when the purpose is done. This subject came up because I have very people I called friends. Most people I have found on this planet are either not trustworthy or are usually too slow of a thinker for me to deal with. I was born with an anomoly that processes information at a much higher rate of speed that most people. It drives my wife crazy. Anyway I am rambling now, so the point of me bringing the mom thing was I was speaking to her about the only guy I considered my best friend and the fact he dropped off the face of the earth again. He lives in England and is prone to doing this every once in while. Then he will resurface and we will reconnect. She shared that bit of wisdom with me about people, friends and relatives, I was teller her how disconnected from most people and the populace in general. She understood and she always is able to make sense of these things.

    Anyway I guess even at the age of 40+ we still learn things from our parents.

  4. globatron
    June 5, 2010

    Logocentric, I’m having a very similar experience. The past few days I felt like I was on the island in Lost. I wondered if I was put here for some sort of trial and how maybe the characters in my life are part of a program. I continued on to think that none of it is real. none of it. I know this on a molecular level that we are just vibrating. That the table is not really solid, etc. It’s just so odd to have the experience that maybe I’m not real too.

    I’m not solid. I know this as well but it’s still a hard concept to wrap my brain around. The problem I have in this logic is if I’m not real then what? Why eat? Why take care of this unreal body?

    I know I have to. I’m not going to stop but lately I’ve been thinking about how it’s really just a great illustion. Glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t think it was worth sharing but it was topical to some of our last discussions. Thanks Anggie and Logocentric.

    Greg, I feel you are making connections here on this site so please keep sharing. I’d still like to hear your Desert Storm stories too if it strikes you.

    I am having more and more conincendences for sure. More than ever really and as you said Logo it’s hard to deny them and just delete them. I wonder why they are there and where they are leading me. It seems the more I question syncroncity the more it appears.

  5. Kevin
    June 7, 2010

    I really enjoy listening to David Icke.

  6. Logocentric
    June 7, 2010

    Globatron: They say we get what we focus on. Or as Marcus Aurelius said, “The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.” Of course, you know all of this, and I’m adding very little to the conversation. Still, I’d like to posit that the increase in coincidences could be an indication that one is on the right track to something.

    Kevin: Nice to see you. Icke has some nice insights, but insights which one could find in works other than those of David Icke. Especially since he evidently believes in lizard people who shapeshift into humans–the British royal family and some American presidents, as I recall. In our time, one idea may be seen as legitimate as the next one; but I just have problems with that particular idea. What do you think about that? Am I being too judgmental?

  7. Greg
    June 7, 2010

    Again I think this would make me go crazy if I obsessed about it too much. Like the guys in the Matrix said, what defines our perceived reality? Is it the sum of our perceptions being processed by our senses and if so how are we completely sure any of this is actually real? Then what is then reality? Is the imagined world that we perceived real or are we able to shed this illusions of what could be an imagined world and find the world beyond what we see?

    Ok with that I am getting a very real headache, or maybe they just want me to feel like I have a headache, that would explain a lot about why everything tastes like chicken.

  8. Akbar Lightning
    June 7, 2010

    if this guy was a rapper he would be known as Ick-E..

    he’s a freakin idiot…i mean just because he is able to perceive interesting aspects of reality, we cannot dismiss the ridiculous confidence with which he makes conclusions…all freaky gurus utilize something true to entice people into their falsehood.

    i mean, call it an event, call it a wave, call it a radio-station or a freakin vibrational wave…it is still a table, right?

    the means by which he makes his claims do not necessarily imply anything but a state of nature. ok, things vibrate…so what? most people know that, it does not imply any deeper meaning…even though we all are aware that deeper meaning is possible, it is prudent to be skeptical about those who claim to know what it is…and if there are lizard people, then by god, i demand proof, and if somebody is willing to attach absolutely to such a thing, then almost everything else about them becomes suspect…in my humble opinion…

  9. Greg
    June 7, 2010

    ROFLMAO Akbar, wow, philospher and rap star? I thought Eminem had that covered? It is a well know scientific fact everything the universe vibrates with its own unique frequency and that can be measured.
    Even buildings have a frequency, it was one of the theories Telsa explored in attempting to make an earthquake machine to tap into the residual frequency of the structure then cause coinsiding frequency vibration that would expontentially amplify that frequency’s own inertia to cause an vibration reaction.

    Anyway the lizard people thing is a bit too John Carpenter for me, next thing you know we will need special sunglasses to see them.

  10. Akbar Lightning
    June 7, 2010

    yes, frequencies, great…but how does that relate to the social ideas he is using these frequencies to defend…the connection is deeper than this person is capable of exploring…

  11. Logocentric
    June 7, 2010

    well, i agree that this is a highly speculative area (frequencies, etc.) and that anyone who discusses it or explores it should probably frame it as such and not speak with certainty about their characteristics. however, i do take exception to Akbar’s statement that “the connection is deeper than this person is capable of exploring.” i think that betrays a level of certainty that Akbar categorically denies is possible. i’m not splitting hairs, but we might bear in mind that our claims must be defended with the language we use to make them. and to assume that person A, just because he’s got some ideas that i personally would not bring up at a cocktail party, is incapable of exploring them is to make a claim that itself seems indefensible.

    or maybe i missed the entire point of your comment, Akbar. in which case, please set me right.

  12. Akbar Lightning
    June 7, 2010

    ok, how’s this…

    1. Icke believes in lizard people.
    2. Therefore Icke is an idiot.
    3. Therefore any ideas Icke has about the frequencies of atoms, are idiotic.

    i’m trying to be a little silly, but that does not mean i don’t believe this logic equation literally.

  13. Logocentric
    June 7, 2010

    okay, so to be clear, you were referring to lizard people when you mentioned his “social ideas.” got it. yeah, i pretty much agree. although, i’m still sure he’s perfectly capable of ‘exploring’ it. just not defending it very convincingly.

  14. Greg
    June 7, 2010

    You sound upset today Akbar? Everything ok? Have a good weekend? See the news that they are prepping a full set Blu-Ray edition of Star Wars? It got my attention. Next thing you know they will be remastering the whole thing into 3D. 🙂

  15. Greg
    June 7, 2010

    Yeah the lizard people theory really does not hold water for me. The other frequency ideas are not original, as I said Tesla had the same theories, although from a different angle, I know for myself I used to experiment on measuring my own frequency with oscilloscopes and freq generators in the military. You know it would interesting to see if the unique frequency harmonic of each person could be measured then used in a capacity to monitor locations. Since we can measure frequency and we have technology to detect residual frequency broadcast, I wonder if we transmit enough broadcast energy ourselves to measure or monitor. Any way I have to get back to work. Happy Monday all.

  16. Akbar Lightning
    June 7, 2010

    greg, you are obviously picking up on my frequencies, oddly enough…i got pulled over today…the cops in my area have been out of control lately, and they are basically becoming a nuisance…i emailed the police chief and the town superintendent…so i’m got a bit of he hair up on the back of the neck, and you caught that…i’m impressed.

    as far as your work measuring your own frequencies, that probably makes you about 4000% more qualified to talk about these things than that idiot Icke…

    i really do find such people annoying…if you look at his site, it is obvious that he is making a financial killing on this looney bin stuff…just like dan brown…and what i hate about it is that it floods the market with junk information, and creates obstacles to real knowledge.

  17. Logocentric
    June 7, 2010

    i second that, AL. i imagine that the conspiracy theory business is supported mainly by those who want alternative narratives to explain the world, but who demand shortcuts to sound thinking. still, junk can be good for one who is willing to try it out and try it on, and then make a case for why it doesn’t work.

  18. Akbar Lightning
    June 7, 2010

    i know….what upsets me the most is that people like David Icke make it more difficult for us to expose the turtle people, who hide their shells with the use of backpacks…

    the native americans were well aware of the presence of turtles among us, and then the westerners came in and hushed them up…

    now, i watch T.M.N.T. (teenage mutant ninja turtles, for those of you not in the know) in order to keep track of running symbolic clues…and it is for this reason that i no longer eat pizza, which is the food turtles use to sedate the masses…

  19. Logocentric
    June 7, 2010

    yes, it’s a shame that we are in the midst of such intellectual blight. if we could only unite in our recognition of the turtle people, all our troubles would be over. we’d shut down those opium dens known as “pizzerias” and sell only hoagies and grinders. for we know that the founding fathers ate only hoagies and grinders and intended for the rest of us to eat them as well.

  20. Greg
    June 7, 2010

    Ok sorry, I have this vision of the founding fathers sitting in the large chambers in Philadelphia,

    ‘Ok Ben, Ben, BEN, you want extra pepparoni right? No mushrooms. Ok.
    Alright, Alright, ALRIGHT Ben, Yeah, I will take 12 large pizzas, 3 deluxe, one with extra pepparoni, NO mushrooms (whispers, please no mushrooms, Ben gets really upset if there are mushrooms)….

    Sorry, visually seeing the guys signing our Declaration of Independance over a couple of large deluxes is awesome. Maybe they ordered some garlic cheese bread to go with it. 🙂

    I apologize if I offend anyone, I just think that would make a great skit or idea for video.


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