The Cult-de-Sac

Posted by on Feb 18, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word


I’m still here
Clicking away
As my life slips away
Not playing a game
No act, no shame

I’m still here
My head ready to explode
So self righteous I may be
Thinking there is more for me

I’m still here
With an intellectual hunger
Never having felt so marginalized
Needing to surround myself with
those who think and feel
Those who know I’m here

I’m still here
How we react is up to you
Why aren’t we all acting on this
Not playing anymore
So we won’t wake up one day
And it’s all gone
Our culture only a speed-bump in time
In our evolutionary cult-de-sac
On the way to our stripped malls

I’m still here
In our new environmental reality
Praying for a break through
Where time and space bend
Letting our saviors in

Inspired by the movie Sound of My Voice


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