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The cloud.
An information frontier.
I tried to picture packets
of machine code as it moved
through the air.
What do they look like?

Photos of your child’s birthday.
Videos of drones bombing
a mosque or a wedding.
Tweets of twits.
Edited status updates.
And then one day,
Snowden got in.

The information we received
did not shock or awe.
We have already slowly
given up our privacy
through each new password.
Through each new account.
Each online form filled.
Ad infinitum with all of your
personal information.

Social Security Number
Date of Birth
Credit Card Number
Expiration Date
City of Birth
First Pet’s Name

Prove You are a Human

I hear an orchestra playing.
It fills the space like Kubrik demands time.
Opera. Full chamber. Surround sound
As sounds echo through my brain.
Wi-Fi data flies through the room.
There are no more secrets.
There never were.


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