The Big Game

Posted by on Mar 20, 2010 in 2010, anxiety, Choken Word, healthcare, politics

On the eve of the big decision
I look back at all the division.
How much mud has been slung?
How many stories made up that were far flung?
Made up lies used to distort and cause fear
As a tactic to make this country veer
From rights that have already been realized
By smaller allied countries we have so despised.
By countries we fought to defend in the past.
By countries we now demonize in the present to make last
A reckless system of haves and have-nots.
As our invisible class system continues to boil the pot.

As big corporations openly buy votes.
Health care reform is more than some words that were wrote
On the constitution which is continued to be used to distort.
Like the Bible, truths are in what translation you court.
What words you want to pull out and focus on.
Twist them around so that your side has won.
Like a college football game we all choose a side.
Swearing and cheating each other, back and forth like the tide.

And the people need reform more than we all know.
As the parties that represent us would rather glow
In the light of the game that is being played before our eyes.
If this game is lost it will cost tens of thousands of more lives.
Unemployed with a family to support I know first hand.
What rules I have to play by that are the law of the land.
Can I afford COBRA long enough before I find a job?
If I can’t afford coverage will I be able to get it again?

So this game they are playing on this eve of the vote
Has gotten me so anxious I could almost choke.
I wonder what America will be like on Monday morning.
I pray that some army of nutjobs doesn’t begin storming
The capitol we all should support no matter who wins
Because there are lives on the line when this all ends.
No amount of hatred, fear or spin can make that go away.
My family is directly affected no matter what you might say.


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