The Autumn Leaves

Posted by on Sep 27, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, slider

All weight removed by flipping a switch.
A brand new perspective, I must admit
Created the day I left my life.
Awoke and was reborn with no strife.

Realizing that to change
I needed to see differently and rearrange
The obstacles I created in my brain.
I no longer live with tension and strain.

How can one heal so quickly you might ask?
By realizing I can write freely without a mask.
I don’t have to write anymore as if a dead man walking.
I can be in any city I wish to be my calling.

Enjoying the freedoms I have in my mind.
There is no prison that can keep my thoughts intertwined.
No bars that can contain my imagination.
No disease that can cause new lesions.

I now sit on the mountaintop looking out.
Having driven along the same route.
I’ve sat here many long hours dreaming.
I walked upon a deer, the mist steaming.

Our paths crossed for that one brief moment.
An animal so strong I could barely comment.
I was walking with a spirit I now believe.
I can stand with him again, relieved.

I can walk freely with him among the autumn leaves.
I can view the Hudson where I grieved.
I might find a home with him once achieved
Only by those with many years of therapy.

I am now walking with that young deer.
Tomorrow I might decide to be a bird and steer
Clear of the mountains and fly to the sea.
For there is nothing here that can contain me.


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