Talking to Ghosts

Posted by on Jan 17, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, OccupyTogether

There are so many people with the same boot to their neck, day after day, as the world watches a global financial train wreck. You should know most, if not all of this.

There is not enough food to feed the world’s hungry. Not enough empathy to comfort the needy. Corporations have bought and sold governments through preaching the gospel of greed.

There is not enough water to quench the thirst of the growing deserts since modern man seeded the land. To produce more food only to kill the soil. To have genetically altered foods create disease.

As we continue to fight for equality. For the right to love and marry. For all, the right to adopt straight, queer or transgender. We continue the fight for women’s rights. We fight against bigotry and bullies. Against all who who impose their will without regard for the pain of others, human or animal.

And what can we do? We say our prayers. We meditate on mantras. We talk to ghosts.

We realize the power of choice. Like the bus boycotts of yesteryear we choose not buy products with our pay that might reinforce the same stereotypes that fed the fear and hate Dr. King helped hold at bay.

Forty four years later, we march. We occupy space be it physical, mental or digital so that our captors might know that the dream has not been realized. Only when “the people” are equal to their leaders. Only when the military machine begins to buy books not bullets. Begins to teach reading not killing will we begin to reach the mountain top. And when we get there we won’t stop. Humanity will unite.

We will be one with Earth. We will begin to voyage into the galaxy that gave us birth. We will look down from above and see all the hate we endured, turned into love.


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