Sweet Cherubs

Posted by on Oct 22, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Religion

Words spit fire from inside my ancestral choir.
Singing verses not yet explored or known from the inside
Of the human species, unable to relate.
I am the everything. My vowels feed my bowels,

Making the sun shine on rainy days.
The doors open inside my brain’s membranes.
Pinging the nodal appetites that fight synchronic pain.
Shingles fed by Pringles poison the body of my goddess.

Mother of my children. Sweet cherubs of the world that we awoke.
I sang in the church choir each Thursday night.
I was coached to vocalize my praise for him.
I was coached to let my rhythm marry the system

Of Baptist hymnals sung for hundreds of years now.
John’s head rolling. Politicians’ heads now polling.
I learned a thing or two there. Standing in front of the power brigade made
The social animals sitting on wooden benches, not yet calling us witches.

Not burning us at the stake, because for heavens sake we were holy.
For we are the beginning and the end. The next generation to sing the lullabies
And the stories to be fed to our children. The morning glory.
Dressed in your Sunday’s best looking to impress. They called me names.

They bit their tongues to refrain from the long hair growing down my neck.
From the questions unanswered and unchecked.
Where did the dinosaurs come from Mr. Greene?
I’ll talk to you after class, he did beam.

But we would sneak out across the street and buy dip.
Put a bit in our lips and spit venom while waiting for the lip service to end.
Already cursing another Sunday right around the bend.
These are the memories of being put into a class.

For it is those buildings with those crosses where most play pretend.
Big girls playing princess dress up and wearing their best make up.
Where it is easier to sit down and shut up than to give up.
Where hypocrites find solace breaking bread and drinking from the same cup.

These are the memories of a child not being asked.
What do you believe in?
Do you have enough education even?
And if you did would you still attend?


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