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Posted by on Feb 24, 2010 in 2010, anxiety, Choken Word, Truth, unemployment

One piece of paper or a document at best
To explain your career and intentions, surely you jest.
As we list out our skills and educational background.
Experience and awards received while we are being found.
We all must face the day we need to reformat our lives.
Text alignment and indented to show that we strived
To put some time into this paper as we roll the lucky dice.
That we cared enough to proofread and take some advice

On the best way to organize the data for easy reading.
To make sure that an employer finds the keywords he’s seeking.
This paper does not represent your soul or your dreams.
It is just a reflection of the path your life has taken it seems.
There is no potential energy being evaluated here.
Usually only bullet points of what you have endeared.
Of the awards and accomplishments that you have received.
Of the trials and tribulations that you have grieved.

So today I work on this paper to square away my life’s time.
To have a well prepared document to email as I chime
About how amazing a worker I’ve been in the past.
About all the creativity and work I have produced at last.
With this time for retrospection I am looking back at my life.
This paper puts your path right before your eyes with no disguise.
How quickly life flies by with little time to react.
No time to really register the repercussions of our acts.

So today I sit here working on my resume.
Researching layouts that might help make my pay.
A two column format maybe I’ll pick today.
Or a custom graphic design layout I’ll pick on another day.
Spit shine and hard work they say is all you really need.
I am having a harder time believing that as I send out these seeds.
As I shoot my web site url around the world with my own SOS.
Need work, will relocate, have passion and have been blessed.


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