Showing My Cards

Posted by on Nov 5, 2009 in Choken Word, Universals

Moments in time like quick footsteps.
Flying by throughout your mind and sometimes
One must look back and think of
the path they have taken and what was learned.

I have lived recklessly and taken chances.
I have not treated my body like a temple.
I have been close to the edge and found my footing.
I have lived with no heat and not much to eat.

I have been part of the dot com boom.
Thrown myself under the dot com bust.
Raised my hand after 911 and made an oath
and was willing to die for vengeance and lust.

Lost my father and found my wife
who has birthed us two delights.
And through it all I have learned that
there is no destination to this journey.

That friends and family are all you really have.
That material wealth and fame will kill happiness.
That technology and data can enslave the mind.
That freedom is a luxury that is sold as a commodity.

That it’s okay to be wrong and apologize.
That listening is a virtue that is not valued enough.
That a position of strength need not be defended.
That it is okay to show all your cards and let down your guard.

That you can grow stronger from sickness.
That when life gives you ivory build a tower.
That lifelong learning is our obligation to living.
That accepting ignorance is the first step towards knowledge.

I have been twice broken and learned to walk again.
I have lost my faith and sanity and found it countless times.
I have seen death and learned to live with it as a companion.
I have greeted life and believe in you and me and all of humanity.


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