Scrubbing My Eyes

Posted by on Jul 9, 2010 in 2010, choken sounds, Choken Word, Recovery, Survival

you plucked me out of the sea.
like an alien you are to me.
you inject me full of medicine.

scrub me down with brushes.
babysit me as if i need be.
subjected to your inhumanity.

i sit here waiting to be set free.
as you count me in your stats as lucky.
to survive your growing poison floating.

i am aware of the waters in which i be.
i know that any day i might die.
get eaten by a shark or starve.

each day i live to be free.
free is being alive to me.
it is not a government or democracy.

a word used to hide.
the chemicals you subscribe.
i don’t thank you for scrubbing my eyes.

for washing my feathers before i fly.
once again into the endless trash.
for this is my life each day.

another obstacle in which I pay.
to live on this planet you control.
don’t pet me and console.

for my species is aware.
we try and steer clear.
we accept our short lives and veer.

from the ego you flush down your toilets.
from the ego you burn in your cars.
from the ego you drink in your bars.

letting go of your ego would be a good start.
to wash the oil from our eyes.


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