Riding a Bike

Posted by on Jan 21, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, Peace, Philosophy

You see life.
You feel life.
But it passes you by.
The calmness in the sky.
Not a cloud in site.
Colors changing, eternally.

When we ride bikes, we think
where are we going.
When we work, we hope
our fortune is growing.
When we vote, we believe
that it will count.

We practice worrying
as if it can improve our position.
Somehow change our direction.
But in truth, through worry
we fast-forward
to the next point in time.

Making life a photo album with no present.
Only the past and blank pages waiting for the future.
Never aware of the now, we vanish.

Not knowing the purpose of biking is the ride.
Not knowing the purpose of working is the work.
Not knowing the purpose of voting is the vote.
So we might have a choice.
So that we might be alive.

This world will continue.
Governments will be born and die.
But life, it will always keep you in the flow
so that one day you might know
that this moment was all you really ever had.


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