Protect your Vitals

Posted by on Jan 30, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word

NSA Phone Records Big Data Photo Gallery

The NSA took my baby away
away from me.
away from me.

Late one night my son,
was in a chat room.
He used some keywords.
They arrived in black
punched him in the back.

Just the other day,
when leaving church
I told my son.
God sees all.
Even when you think
you are alone.

It is all recorded
for when you go home.
For the karma
you sew
comes back to you.

Lonely one night
he reached out.
He said it was
to feel something.

He googled around.
He didn’t know each
and every letter and sound
was being tracked.
A tap tap tap on the keys.
Was a track track to the
growing data cloud pack.

The NSA took my baby away.
They took him away
away from me.

Maybe better than the KKK.
They say, they have ALL our backs.
But still, my baby got taken away.

For googling around.
For chatting about hacking.
For sharing a slice of code.
He had no time for packing.
No bail was ever set.

Dear son,
Watch your lilly white back.
For the prisons are packed.
You are not prison hard
padded with soft sedentary lard.
Please protect your vitals
when you fall.

Learn to fall softly and how to roll.
Most importantly, protect
your spirit and soul
for it repairs all wounds.

The NSA took my baby away.
The NSA took my baby away.

Remember, the NSA guards
you today.
Even behind bars
watch what you say.

The NSA took my baby away.


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