Our Digital Reflection

Posted by on Aug 23, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, New Media

As a young man in the Dot-com boom and bust
I remember how easy we all lost trust
How the Internet was said to be a fad

Leaving for winter break from a digital agency
Coming back to a pink slip and a bloody lip
The creative department’s skills no longer needed
How we were given garbage bags to fill up our cubicle debris
How easily we lost the Midas touch that created this greed

Because brokers had traded monopoly money on inflated dreams
All foreshadowing a future economy soon to lose steam
Dot-com stocks bought like bad mortgages
The promises were grand
They always have been

Prosperity will last forever
The Internet will solve poverty
The Internet will free the enslaved

Digesting the ideas of convergence while reading Wired magazine
The subway shooting me through the arteries of Manhattan
Wondering if I wanted the world to fit in my pocket
T.V. and the web and a phone all in one? And who would ever want one?

I still had a pager and ran to pay phones to make ends meet
A freelancer in this new wild wild digital space
Clicking buttons on now ancient Mac workstations sitting in thousand dollar Aeron chairs
The time when digital was not interactive. When animation was by .gif. Bit by bit.

I remember the first to market .mp3 player
I remember Napster connecting every machine
I remember this as if it was a life-time ago, a dream
I remember downloading tunes, while making web banners from one long data stream

How bandwidth was talked about in kilobytes
How the sound of a dial up modem was not only the norm but the sound of freedom
How developers worked remotely and literally phoned it all in.

If I was to get in my web 1.0 way back machine I would see people
Talking on the phone
Sitting together not alone
Sitting face to face, no avatar to embrace
Writing emails not text messages.
Writing emails so beautifully crafted they were often printed and hung

I sit here in my way back machine thinking of all the little black boxes
How we were promised the sun
How we would converge all media and make the entire world free and one

And I can’t help but laugh
Laugh at how fast this world is moving
Web 3.0 is being defined as I sit here reading this on my iPad
As I watch a commercial about a 70 inch flat panel Wi-Fi Internet T.V.

And what is a T.V.?
And what is the Internet?
How has all this converged from the spoken word?
Words creating symbols creating text
The knowledge from our sacred symbols the subtext
As we continue to connect further and further
Converging into one band of data
One emotional and intellectual collection
All media from the human condition seen in this, our digital reflection



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