One Day Pass

Posted by on Feb 20, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, unemployment

The mind gives you limits from which to envision.
Brought on by our culture you build yourself a prison.
We often depart this world thinking we had no choice.
That the decisions we made did not have a voice.

As a prisoner of the mind myself.
I have escaped today to tell you there is help.
A way to escape beyond the boundaries we all have built.
A way to realize the freedoms we all have spilt.
As if a fast food combo meal our freedoms bought and sold.
As if you have stored your dreams in the freezer’s cold.
To be put in storage for another time.
When the time is right and you have enough dimes.

When the kids are grown up you can then explore.
When you pay off your credit cards you won’t be poor.
Because dreams are only for dreaming it would seem you believe.
Not to go after and realize as you fight for their reach.
Just wait another year when things are better.
These are how the mental bars are built unfettered.

With no constraints your prison becomes padded with technology.
A TiVo and wireless interent help make you feel like a child prodigy.
The world in your pocket and fingertips and all in your living room.
The world can be searched and put in a play list to zoom.
As you forget more and more who you wanted to be.
What your goals were when you were truly free.

It was once adults and now it is yourself that you listen to.
Don’t follow your passion as that is not too realistic to do.
Keep your passions in a locked box and wait for the right time to pursue.
Keep your dreams to yourself and follow your path as you DO.
This is the box you have built for yourself as you look out from the bars.
This is the padded cell you have built of which you can’t go far.

I took the time to escape today to tell you these truths.
My prison walls are slowly disappearing along with my youth.
My prison walls are allowing me some freedom today from which to peek.
To tell you of the freedoms you are missing unless you seek.



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