One Chord

Posted by on Jun 6, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, Peace, Survival, TheMachine, Truth, WAR


Lack of impulse control is
Not knowing what you are saying when
You feel you are sharing
To people who don’t want to hear
Every little thing in your head

Lack of impulse control is
Writing manifestos for
Quitting your career
Posting them to Facebook
And closing any future doors

Executive dysfunction is
Not being able to process
All the data you need to
When there are many things to do
Not being able to remember
All the little things
That soon become too big
Not being able to know when
You are making others feel awkward
By sharing too much information

You might experience this
With severe brain damage
You might be in a car wreck
Or be hit by an I.E.D. in Afghanistan
Your head jerked back and forth
Then the brain swells

You might experience this
With a brain tumor when
A couple of inches are cut out
And your brain is irradiated
To increase survival

You might feel you are often alone
Not because you are depressed
But because you can’t repress
Any thought that comes into your head

As if your thoughts come from a water spicket
Always on
Always flooding your lawn
Always exploding
With mood swings

Plucking hard at your heart strings
That seems to be stuck on one chord
That continues to feed discord
As harmony tries to find its way through


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