No More Dharma Bums to Feed

Posted by on Oct 31, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Fear, politics

the light and dark are one.
the earth’s crust has begun
to become thinner.

letting the spirits out for their dinner.
to pass onto the other side.
from purgatory they do glide

from the homes they did hide.
on this hallowed eve i pray
for my father’s soul to stay

where i can find him once again
where we will talk as friends.
about the sanity we do lack

of the fearful wanting their country back.
of the possible terrorists attacks.
i watched as comedians spoke

in the capitol they did joke.
as hundreds of thousands watched
we remembered Woodstock.

we remembered the broken dreams.
how a generation proclaimed
to work for peace and to refrain

from the over consumption we maintain
and passed down as our birth right again.
feeding the black bellies of our greed

no more Dharma bums to feed.
there is no need to take our country back.
because it never went forward.

it stayed in the same place
that the children at Woodstock faced
with wars being fought in foreign lands.

over ideologies we cannot ban.
for freedom’s just another word
for all the stuff we did not lose.

for all the stuff we bought and bruised.
for all the bad mortgages sold and chosen.
for the American dream, now broken.



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