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If you listen, you will hear cries
Of a world becoming desensitized
To the tragedy of tomorrow
Bombs blowing up
Buildings falling down
Shootings in schools
Children stolen and abused
The slaughter of innocents
In another country prevents
Us from taking any stand

How can we make a difference
When the world watches it all fall
Without the power to do a thing
As tyrants trumpet nuclear weapons
As poverty grows in our backyards

Next door you have neighbors
Do you know them
Do you understand
That we are only as strong
As we want to be
Will we hide in our shells
From the sirens and bells
From the horrors our media tells

Because we feel, we can’t collide
With the reality of the people
That live next door
Because of religion or politics
We can’t find common ground
We do not understand that
We do not need all the screens
To look at each other and feel
We are the change we need

Through the kindness of strangers
We can cure the cancer
That eats our culture
And makes us believe
That we do not need each other
To be whole
To be one people
Our back yards connected
Our lives interlocked
So that we might not feel blocked off
By the invisible boundaries we pay for
So that we might be friendly to each other
For our community
For our security
For our humanity
For our future

Let us be neighbors




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