Mr. Somebody

Posted by on May 4, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word


do you exist.
can you prove it.
can anyone.
is this the only life we live.
are we vibrating strings
from what physics gives.
one note to multiple lives.

wave after wave
as gravity fades.
pushing us outward
from our big bang.

don’t want to live.
quit making choices.
stay in bed and sleep.
even in your dreams
entropy creeps.

each yes or no.
each maybe.
creates divergence.
the more chaotic
the system grows.

all these paths live on
together from birth till deaths.

somewhere there, you are
living another life.
somewhere you are
cancer free.
somewhere you
have the health you need.

somewhere there, surrounded by love.
creating your family
never alone again.
seeing beauty.
never to feel empty.

somewhere there, you waited
for years to meet your love.
served time for your crime.
enlisted to fight the war.
found something worth fighting for.

waited in an office cubicle.
waited on the same bar stool.
to make a choice.
to hear a voice.

somewhere, you studied hard.
you looked to the heavens.
you made it to Mars.
you engineered the future.

somewhere, you were able to
follow through with a promise.
somewhere, you are not a nobody.

somewhere, your download
is being studied and archived.
people are tuning in to your realities.
from your choices.
many lives were fed.
many lives were bled.

can’t decide
what choice to give.
flip a coin.
make a move.
let your lives live.


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