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Meditation on Jacksonville

Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word

A city is much more than its streets.
It is more than the air it breathes.
A city is the people it feeds.

It is the minds it nurtures and breeds.
It is the music it organically grooms.
It is the food and drink it bleeds.

Jacksonville is the city from which I was born.
The city I could not wait to escape and scorn.
Once forgotten, now seemingly reborn.

So many promises of other cities, now broken.
New York and the “making it there”.
California and its progressive hypnotic stare.

Brings me back to this sprawling city
Growing on the banks of a recession.
Blossoming out of lost dreams and depression.

Now full of citizens with hope for their future.
Brewing culture in once lost warehouses.
Whitewashing walls to reclaim respect.

Artists now proudly reflecting its true boldness.
Bold with its large river tapestry.
Bold with its Southern Rock heritage.

You are free to go if you must.
Its youth seem to always return
after years of wanderlust.

Once back they open their eyes.
Letting go of their ego’s disguise.
To finally wake up and realize.

This city grows stronger through
Each handshake.
Each ally.
Each smile.
Each greeting.
Each goodbye.



  1. Coco
    July 31, 2012

    Can I get a witness! Beautiful.
    I couldn’t wait to leave, I swore I would never return.
    New York; Key West; Atlanta; LA; Atlanta; New York; Albuquerque; Spain;
    Home. Happy and grateful to be here.

    Thank you-

  2. Byron King
    July 31, 2012

    Wow. Thanks Coco. Glad to hear you have had a similar experience as well. It’s nice to finally be proud to call Jax my birthplace. So much going on. So much to be proud of. Funny it was under our noses the whole time. The grass is not always greener. It seems sometimes you just have to water it and it will grow like wildfire..


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