Machete vs. Machine

Posted by on Oct 1, 2009 in Choken Word, Climate Change, Globalwarming

Machete vs. Machine

All the species of the land will be swallowed
whole by waters rising in our lifespan.
Climate change is a pesky commercial playing
in the other room as you eat your pizza and watch
the game. The game is now and it’s not a rehearsal.
What game do you choose to watch for this spot?

Winner takes all. Swallows all. Starves all.
Too much to think about as you go into the room to
turn that channel off. THE football game is on by the way.
Don’t want to think about where the food you ordered comes from or
where the electricity you are using burns from.

Countries are being starved out for loans tapping
their very life-blood to roll the dice in the global market place.
One man in Jamaica working in his field with historic machete
competing against one man in Idaho with robotic machine.
Machete vs. Machine. Fighting for his life. Starving for our strife.

Over an inflated loan that the World Bank gladly
gives to the impoverished countries of the world to have access
to all their farmers and all their farmer’s wives. Who need lay a hand
on a country when one can starve them into slavery? As they
compete in the world market. Shovel vs. Bulldozer. Who will finally
have closure? Who will beat this plague? Who will win this stage?

Climate change is being caused by the global economy. Drought inducing
insomnia happening in far off lands while you think of Eli Manning’s
big hands and how well he must live. Such talent the gods have given he.
The talent to turn your mind away from the poverty
that is outside your doorsteps as your mind flips back to today’s
game clips. Sports are a narcotic drug inducing your country’s apathy.
Given to you by the great nations that need not kill one man
when they can starve a billion.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    October 1, 2009

    great post globatron, truly, it takes us right into the lives of other people, other countries, struggling against the same pyramid scheme of empire economics.

    the ability to turn people into cattle is at the heart of the problem, seeing numbers, numbers, numbers, instead of people, people, people.

    looking for systems to replace the difficult thing, the thing nobody wants to talk about, morality and spiritual responsibilities. the absence of the spirit in our daily lives is very convenient for those who wish to enslave us all.

    this is a class collision on a global scale, and it will hit a tipping point at some point, and globatron is on the forefront of empowering people for an integrated perspective, and a holistic, spiritual approach to uniting as one world, with universal basic principles of fairness, equality and moderation.

    soapbox now available,

  2. globatron
    October 1, 2009

    Thanks Akbar. I owe Meteos for the inspiration. He drew my attention to the YouTube videos and I felt I needed to show them in some manner.

    The poem is just a summary of my thoughts on the matter.

    Now get back on your soapbox. I enjoy it so.




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