It is called the Singularity

Posted by on Dec 23, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, Futurism, healthcare

My doctor doesn’t know about the singularity.
The same man who is giving me directions for my clarity.
And he has a resume and publications five miles long.
As a trained expert on my brain which he works upon.

Giving me medications that are only ten years old.
Hoping for shrinkage or for the right dosage that will hold.
Make my tumor or scar tissue shrink back a bit.
But sometimes he is not sure who I am or may forget.

What does this million dollar MRI machine portray?
Off a millimeter on a measurement and he might say
we just might need to start radiation therapy today.
Or you might need another surgery to stay

alive a bit longer so we can find a cure.
We often speak of nanobots that could make me pure
and other ways of extending this life I was given.
But with him not knowing of the singularity I have misgivings.

As I tell him about the megabytes in the human brain.
How much memory we store and how much we abstain
from storing upon our limited membranes. How much we
toss out without giving our memories a place to live and see.

Just a few hundred megabytes we use as RAM.
35 gigabytes of data a day we view as bits and bites of spam.
As I sat there educating my doctor on the brain today.
I realized how little we all know and how dearly I could pay.

For the human brain is a mystery for even the pros.
For the ones who practice medicine with all its loopholes.
And I am thankful I have him on my side.
This man has added years to my life but even so I must confide

that I wish he knew of the singularity that is on the horizon.
I wish he realized that his medicine is sort of a con
to band-aid our bodies together long enough to test
the approaching download of our body’s consciousness.

To a place where our bodies will be just a disease.
Where the hive mind will discard our bodies like fleas.
A place where we will find eternal life for our kind.
A place where no one goes deaf and no one goes blind.

So patch me up doc and help me get there.
I want to be downloaded and be apart of this affair.
When the human species makes its next major evolution
I want to be there to experience this miracle of creation.



  1. globatron
    December 23, 2009

    Or not. Fear of technology.

  2. Center'd in JAX
    December 23, 2009

    News: Globatron: It is called the Singularity #jacksonville

    December 23, 2009

    It is called the Singularity | All brain doctors should know about it I think |

  4. Valerie Margolis
    December 23, 2009

    RT @Globatron It is called the Singularity | All brain doctors should know about it I think | //Be well, Byron.

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