I Tweet Therefore I Am

Posted by on Oct 16, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, New Media, OccupyTogether

Is this how it ends or how it begins? Millions of people networked online through social media ready to take a stand. To take to the streets. To live in tents through the winter and rain. To send a message. That revolution is among us if things don’t change. That good people have done their jobs and played the game. As it was laid out. As the rules were made. Just to have the debt masters change the rules again. Tick tocking the clock ticking. Social networks and Twitter have changed how the game is played. Like radio and TV in the sixties. A text message or a Tweet flys in the face of our puppet masters. In the process it could circumvent disaster. Steer us from the cliff that we so willingly march towards. As the West buys more and more. GDP the standard we worship for economics is our corporate overlord. Pulling the invisible strings at everyone’s core.

My social networks are a reflection of me. I have family and friends. Strangers that I trust in. The more extroverted they are the more I’m in. Share about the world and how you would recreate it. The ones that sit and watch I forget. I notice them every month or two, when I delete down to 150 inside this network of friends I grew. I see value in the people which I am connected to. I want to know each and every one of them not collect them like old shoes.

I tweet┬átherefore I am. I am part of the hashtag revolution, understand? This is bigger than me and bigger than you. This is bigger than any country that I might include. This is global. Livestreaming. Now. As tweets are thrown into the river. What fish will make it to the surface to swim? Make it to the top tweet and make a connection. Be retweeted by millions and change reality’s direction. How many characters does it take to to spell Revolution? How many times must we talk to our audience? Invisible but there. Billions living in despair. As they ask and hope for change. Just to see the same policy enforced and rearranged. Rewritten and renamed. I tweet therefore I am. Part of the human collective. Demanding that we all be treated with empathy and respected.


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