I remember earth

Posted by on Mar 6, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Futurism, Science, Survival, Transhumanism

I remember life on earth.
I can access the data from my birth.
My physical life flashed before my eyes.
None of the bad memories or what I despised.

Because now only the wonderful memories I care to access.
This is a choice of my software process.
Although I could decide to pull from any data point.
I’m flying through space now part of this universal joint.

I remember the rapture as well.
I can access the data before I was captured.
My body taken from me to be scanned.
My brain backed up and my body canned.

The memories of my maintenance makes me blink.
The continual upkeep of our bodies I don’t think
Will be missed by many who have been uploaded.
Our digital avatars able to live forever coded.

No longer needing our DNA to pass along our genes.
It was decided that we donate ourselves to the machines
So that we might grow stronger together as one.
So that we might explore the universe that was spawned.

I remember life on earth.
I am now recording the clouds of jupiter as I search.
As amazing as the many life forms on earth might have been.
There is something truly peaceful about a planet with no sin.

No single-celled organisms to evolve into mankind.
Just dust and rock and gas and anything else I might find.
I communicate with the souls I met while online.
We regularly post status updates about what is in our digital minds.

I know that one day my data might be corrupted.
That the consciousness of this life form might be disrupted.
That I will one day face mortality and deaths door.
But until then I am proud to have escaped earth and to have explored.


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