Florida Cried

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The sky is black as it has rained tar balls
the size of soft balls, for weeks.


Crude oil within
The air we breathe.
Cancer has a friend.

No more fishing.
No more swimming.
No more tourists.
No more living.

The economy has died.
Florida has cried.

And we continue to live as if this will not begin.
We do not speak of the possible or knock on wood if you do.
The most massive oil spill in history does not need a band-aid
as if it is just a boo-boo.

Let us speak of the possible.
Let us speak of this tragedy
As if it is really happening.



  1. crystl37
    June 5, 2010

    Great title-says it all. globatron, I have noticed this as well, it seems like the gravity of the situation is not being addressed in the media-therefore the sheeple think its no big deal. Of course, the realty of the spill is far removed from my daily life by thousands of miles, but it totally freaks me out, how can people just keep going about their lives, when our gulf is being killed, chemicals are being sprayed to keep it under the water, Florida is now affected, as will the rest of the atlantic coast be before the effects start reaching across the pond.

    The fact that this happened, that there was no plan if it did, -and what happened to Haliburton in the news? I wonder what kind of back room coercion or shadowy payoff is behind BP taking the full public brunt of this situation. From what I understood, Haliburton was the contractor that did the underwater cement work, and the platform belongs to Transocean. Obviously I don’t have any way of knowing for sure-but from what I have gathered-BP operated the rig, they didn’t build it. The fact that Haliburton is involved, makes it a million times worse in my mind, anyway. There is surely something bad we don’t know about this whole thing-besides the destruction of half the coastline of this country, and I find it interesting that I have not heard anyone but BP mentioned since the Congressional hearings-which seemed to take place alot faster than the efforts to fix the fucking thing, or to take the drastic measures that would seem appropriate to minimize the impact.

    The only reaction I have seen televised that made sense to me was yesterday, a woman in Florida was in hysterics, sobbing and crying at the sight of the tar balls on her beach. Thats more what it feels like, and I’m 3000 miles away. I also saw yesterday that the government has directed BP to continue with the toxic dispersant spraying, because that toxicity is somehow preferrable to the toxicity of the crude. But I think the real reason is that it keeps it underwater, and the dead fish sink to the bottom, where the impact will be hidden from the public. Fish is the dietary staple in a large percentage of the world-what is this going to do.

    It’s not business as usual-how can it be. It makes me want to scream- I can not imagine how you feel, being right there, just waiting for it arrive. I have friends in Louisiana as well, and my heart aches for all of you.

    I feel like we have crossed the line this time, as inhabitants of a watery blue planet. I read back in the 80’s that the cycle of our relationship with mother earth would go as such: man is powerless and at the mercy of the planet-man discovers fire and tools and becomes able to control their environment-man becomes abusive in his power to control and exploit the planet and her resources- the planet strikes back-man and planet learn to live together in harmony and mutual respect. I think we are about to experience the planet strikes back period. I have also read recently that the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are a good sign-that the planet is reacting. I have a feeling the repercussions of this we have not yet begun to predict.

  2. Greg
    June 6, 2010

    I live in Florida and as an observer I am watching the events from the front lines. Currently I am watching Bill Nelson on Face the Nation have a hissy fit and emblesh the issues. While the rig was operated by a third party company on BP behalf it is unclear who is directly responsible for the incident. The thing that bothers me is the federal government awarded the rig a safety award less than a year prior to this accident, So how aware are they what is going on?

    While I share the frustration in the issue I am objective enough to realise the is far more complicated that what we understand. First the well is over a mile under the water. Ok physics people, NOTHING living can withstand those pressures with a sub or something else so it makes working on this very difficult. The second is the top of the well pipe is not the issue. It is all the unseen, subterrianian cracks and breaks that are gettting more pressure on these breaks and causing additional leaks that are unable to be reached due to being beneath the surface.

    If you have time do some additional research, the oil spill is news because it impacts America, if you research the other countries exporting oil you will find some of the russian and middle eastern transport methods leak this much into their waters in the process of loading ships every year. Because it happens over there we never hear about. This is simply to be able to allow people to accept the truth this stuff has been happening a lot longer than the gulf incident.

    I keep hearing everyone talk about going green, what exactly is the realistic expectation and how much impact will it have really? I know watching the Sunday CBS morning news program they said the amount energy we save with these green methods are a small fraction of a percentage of what we use. That is less than 1% impact. I don’t have the answer but going green does not seem to be an answer, it seems to be a feel good political move to artificially assuage the environmental crowd.

    IMHO not much is going to change until two major events occur. We need to unlock a potentially limitless clean energy source, we can get this from science fiction with anti matter reaction technology or something being done now with fusion engines.

    Second, we need to develop some form of better transportation, tranporters, faster and more efficient ships/vehicles. We spend so much time and resources moving things and ourselves around. That needs to be changed. Any way. Happy Sunday.

    Oh and BP stole my idea for the advertisement. I am pissed.


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