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Do they flicker in and out of sight. As we watch and listen, ears and eyes glisten. Are we alone. Do they want to hear us too. Do they share this loneliness we want to lose. As we continue to abuse. To rape this planet. To make war and shred it. Flesh and bone. Precious metals and stone. All blown up in an instant. To inflict the will of one. To seek paradise. To see revenge done. As these bombs flicker in and out on this planet. We go on. We heal our wounds. We pray for peace. Hold our loved ones tight. Then seek justice through military might.

Make it or break it. Planet Earth sends out its beacons. As satellites explore deep space. Telescopes search for another face. Like ours. So that our humanity might have its second grace. A second chance. To get it right. We ask if they are watching us right now. We need them to say hello somehow. Come into our lives. Let us know if we are worthy to bestow, the knowledge of the stars. Send us a message in a bottle. Stranded at sea we send rockets.

Flickering. Flickering. Did other species make the bomb. Going nuclear with their sun. Create unlimited energy to sow, life and destruction. Is there a hiccup of sentient beings, reaching for the stars. Extending their fingers far out to land, on outer planets and moons. Listening just like us. All with the power to destroy their planet or to find peace and transcend, the bodies our consciousness lives in. Are they a tiny flicker too. Flickering. Flickering. That we might one day hold, before our light is blown. Billions of years of evolution. All directed towards total enlightenment or total annihilation.




  1. Glenn A. Bautista
    September 26, 2013

    I enjoy using Google Sky Map once in a while just to figure out where I am in this vast universe, Byron. Also, the other day, I watched NASA videos indicating their contact with others beyond earth via sound, quite interesting . . .

    • admin
      September 27, 2013

      Do you happen to have the link to that NASA page with the sounds you are speaking of? I’d love to hear that. Thanks for sharing.


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