most dreams don’t come true

Posted by on Feb 8, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Peace, Truth, unemployment

This is my passion.
I write with no desire for fashion.

I write these words for you.
I write these words to be true.
I have given up all attachment to ownership.
That through writing, this becomes our partnership.
Between the syllables and grammar that is seduced
And the images in your head that are produced.

If I’m lucky a spark or two might go off in our brains.
To help us look at the world differently and refrain
From our preconceived ideas of reality.
From our programmed and memorized banality
Of which we all fall victim to in our lives.
That we all have become victims to in our media hives.

As we try and produce more quantity not quality.
As we try and find happiness and serenity.
They have always told us to follow our passion.
That only then will we lose our agression
And realize the things in our lives that that are dear.
That only through the pursuit of passion we would lose our fears.

That the world is our oyster if only we stayed true.
That “success” would find us with this world view.
And as I write you with these words following my passion
I want to tell you that the words above are a lie.
Those who follow their passion are not always blessed.
The world does not pay bills for artists and poets who do not rest.

The world does not care about artistic integrity.
For passion is not a tool to be used for celebrity.
Passion might help you get up in the morning.
Most will not be able to make a dime off a lifetime of soaring
Through the endless pursuit of soulful creations.
Through your skill and talent’s frustration.

A tainted world view we have been forced fed.
Led to believe that through our passion we would be wed.
That a wholeness would come over us and we would be realized.
That our reason for being would be truly idealized.

Nothing more far from the truth is this lie we have lived.
For one must make a living in order to learn to give.
Not to say that passion should not be cherished.
But it should not be traded for money or it will perish.

Keep it close to your heart and share it if you will.
But please don’t think that your talent will pay your bills.
Please realize that the world has had passions fill.

I write with no desire for compassion.

This is my passion.


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