do not stray

Posted by on Feb 1, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, unemployment

Signals you detect on the ground.
You sniff them as you look around.
Looking for the path to find your way.
Where to look for food and water today.

Up and down the hills you go.
Bumping into others you barely know.
As we communicate through the air.
As we Look for things that are not there.

No stone or rock unturned to build our cities.
Often for the small tribes we take much pity.
Sometimes we think of living in a village.
Sometimes we think of the enemies we pillage.

You question the chemicals that we make.
You question the chemicals that we partake.
Maybe you can’t but operate as you are told.
A superorganism we are beginning to mold.

Waking each day traveling the path before us.
Connecting the dots we should not make a fuss.
For each individual is part of a whole
And everyone has their own specific role.

Workers and soldiers man their stations
As queens and drones make the decisions.
A scout is sometimes sent out for food.
If it finds something it might send for you.

No matter your position your help support the group.
The unity you experience is part of an endless loop.
Of life and death and atrophy and inflate.
Of acceptance and denial and love and hate.
No eyes are needed to sense your way.
Just follow your compass and do not stray.


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