Dear Diary

Posted by on Aug 15, 2010 in 2010, anxiety, Choken Word, Fear

osprey manatee dolphin, ride boat on blue river.
father walk family down road of community.
save child from top of blow up slide
and glide back to reality.

my friends are scared.
of their legacy.
of their apathy.
of their passion.

trying to define themselves through their masters.
trying to hide behind their life’s disaster.
there are producers.
there are consumers.

i am not a reader.
how can i write?
i don’t drive.
i travel light.

there are the ignorant.
there are the educated.
speeches full of lies.
mouths tongue tied.

the writer’s block.
the shock jock.
i am a fever.
burning deep inside
the heart of me.

shouting from the mountain top.
i am alive.
i am trying.
i make a difference.
i am a contender.
i am somebody.
my children are blessed.
i have fully confessed.

i will repeat myself.
i will repeat myself.

nothing new here.
nothing joyful or full of play.
just a man committed to say.
whatever can help me stay here.
sharing with you, without fear.

sandwich night, table laid full of plastic
sliced animal flesh on bread.
eating quickly, the children are fed and off to bed.

television noise consoles and rocks this house to sleep.
each soul in each room, listening to reruns of old movies.
dancing in their new dreams of a world filled with passion
of a world filled with peace everlasting.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    August 15, 2010

    this poem really struck me, and i think i see where you are going…

    through your struggles i see that you are fully investing in absolute sincerity…and although i am not there creatively, i just want you to know i see it, and appreciate it…

    and most importantly, i am letting it have some playspace in my mind to see what happens…

    good stuff…

  2. poetron
    August 15, 2010

    thanks mate. yes. utter sincerity. dangerously close. no secrets.

    don’t hold anything back man. express it however you can. please. we only have a little time together. let’s know as much about each other as we can.

    i’m glad to hear it struck a chord. i want to know more about your struggles. your adventures. your dreams. all of it. screw globatron. let’s talk about Ken Vallario and you being a father and husband.

    that to me is what i want to know about and where the eternal universal truths are shared and discovered. through being “human”.


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