Cozy, Secure and Backed Up

Posted by on Nov 30, 2009 in 2009, Choken Word, Philosophy, Religion, Science


The singularity we often speak of is one single event.
One single moment where we attempt to reinvent
the way we circumvent these feeble bodies
and minds that have weakened while we all go blind.

From one single-celled organism slit.
To one splitting atom booming into outer space.
We are already single and alone and together. . . forever.
DNA is our core technology some might say.

Or maybe we are just a virtual game running on eBay.
In a frozen server room air conditioned by time and space.
Being studied by our future ancestors to see.
Free will programmed into an algorithm for you and me.

Or nanotechnology controlling our internal race.
Already among us as bacteria and growing viruses.
Created to make us accept our mortality and place.
As tumors grow feeding off of this planet’s loving face.

But Earth may be just a dream for all of us.
As we walk around in a sea of caution and blind lust.
That if this is a program it has a very poor sense of humor.
God plays this program part-time while not working.

That when God plays the Earth game too much
he is drowsy while searching for another job during lunch.
God is in a recession too and the Earth game is no career
building material and it doesn’t pay for God’s sugary cereal.

Not paying attention to God’s wife while feeding God’s digital children.
Not paying for rent when attending to God’s digital crops and animals.
And if we knew this God and knew how he was really playing us
What would we do if God picks up other hobbies and such?

What could we do if he decided to lay down his universal controller?
Because if Earth is a game then God is really losing.
And if God is slacking are we even choosing?
Why are we fighting dying so much if God isn’t even trying?

I’d rather hope that this game has a meaningful ending.
That there is more to this game than me earning points for God’s minions.
Please God burn the Earth game to disc if you get all fed up
So if we die we will go somewhere cozy, secure and backed up.


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  1. globatron
    November 30, 2009

    For inspiration.

    Thanks Akbar for the link.


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