Collecting Souls

Posted by on May 12, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, TheMachine, To Save Your Kind, Transhumanism

My little girl is two years old. She must watch television. Maybe it is a drug to her? Maybe it is her third parent or friend? I’m not sure but she does seem to need it now. My wife asked how her day was yesterday and my little one held up her hand and said TB. She calls it TB.  That was her day. It will be today as well. Maybe she will go outside but not for long. This can be depressing.

She is watching the movie Avatar at the moment sitting on her beanbag. She cried her heart out when I took here away for a moment to change her diaper just now. Today before she began watching T.V. I told her she could not watch TB today and to instead play with her toys. She cried and had a tantrum. I think of life often. All of the evils in the world. What we can do to make it better. I think of the education of our children. What will the future hold?

I am writing this poem as my daughter is watching this Blockbuster movie. She will not let me do anything if she is not watching TB. Maybe I am not supposed to do anything.  What would her life be like without the TB?

I don’t see your skin and I don’t see your hair.
I see you online and the light within.
I see you staring too deeply so beware.

The monitor is too bright and you will surely burn
If you can not handle life’s many turns.
I would like you close to me in this journey.
How many souls can I collect with an attorney?
Maybe I could meet you in court for a contract
so we could one day make physical contact.

Your light shines across the land and sea.
No matter where you are, you are there with me.
For years we have connected through bits and bites.
Through billions of on and off switches our souls unite.

If I don’t like something you made that means nothing.
Because we are united through this collective something.
I can not stand the judgments I sometimes must make.
Your hand I ask for this journey we take.

The T.V. could be the third in this relationship.
We could watch each other through it as we sit.
Our kids will grow up together looking at it.
Seeing each other through the technology we should quit.

An avatar we all are in this digital world.
My two year old has learned this quickly with her flowing curls.
Maybe she’ll be blue one day as well.
Maybe find a new body so we never say farewell.



  1. globatron
    May 12, 2010

    Just for clarification my little girls is not alway hooked on TB. She plays really well by herself often. This morning wasn’t one of those mornings.

  2. akbar lightning
    May 12, 2010

    I love the telescreen…in fact, my mom came up this weekend and got us a hi-def flatscreen, and it’s freakin awesome…seriously…

    i was raised on the box, and as a kid it was my only companion, and i mean that, i was alone a lot, and it was my access to the larger world. believe it or not, i actually think the tv is humanity’s primary vehicle (and now of course, i combine this thought with the internet) for education.

    as a parent, i balance the television as best i can…my daughter does not watch it during the day, but she watches cartoons in the morning, and usually watches some with us before bedtime. her days are spent tv free.

    as long as one is guided by love and good role-modeling, i kind of believe in allowing the free-roaming kind of exploration for children. of course, i believe in protecting them from adult material but aside from that, i try to avoid demonizing these cultural forms, as there does seem to be a kind of puritanical instinct against media. i think, in some way, this is an innate embodied instinct.

    oh yeah, i wanted to comment on the avatar idea..and i could and might make a whole post out of this…but when i think of avatar, and compare that to my own childhood experience with star wars, the first thing that comes to mind is the focus on the physical body as vehicle, as opposed to the force, as a spiritual realm. i see this materialistic, kind of sciency form of mysticism as spiritually anemic…and it lacks the deeper existential provocations that a force, or spiritual dimension allows for. even george lucas, in his newer star wars, veered away from spirit in deference to a scientific explanation of the force. for my money, the matrix remains the boldest exploration of these ideas, and as most people dismiss the 2nd and 3rd movie, but those are the movies where ‘actual’ miracles are presented to the audience, and these are the most provocative claims of those movies, possibly why some found them less interesting and why i found them profoundly more so.

    anywhoo, as you can see, moving pictures make me happy…

  3. globatron
    May 12, 2010

    Congrats on the wide screen. I am not officially the only person on earth left without one. Or at least the only person I know without one. This is probably comparable to my father not wanting a microwave for ten years because he thought they were bad science.

    As far as guidance I don’t allow I did not allow her to watch the battle scenes in Avatar. The rest of it is definitely kid friendly. Your comparison to the difference between these physical driven or body driven science fiction movies and the spiritual driven as with the Force in Star Wars is very interesting. I would rather see my kids grow up believing in the Force versus finding a new body to inhabit for immortality.

    I would enjoy seeing you taking that topic further if you are so inclined.

    Television and computer time is hard to balance for sure. I guess I’m not the best example as I am looking at a monitor most of the day and night. I hear that there is new science saying that for every hour you spent in front of the television as a child that statistically speaking you are likely to be 1 percent over your target BMI.

    That’s sort of a no brainer though to see the tie between monitors (computer or television) and obesity.

    She did also make it out today. It wasn’t that long though as predicted but that’s my fault isn’t it.

    I do think television is part of her waking up routine now and I believe that is what was protested so vigorously.


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