Certainly Uncertain

Posted by on Mar 3, 2014 in 2014, Choken Word, Philosophy, psychology


what do we have to draw from?
can we see reality for what it is.
a chance.
a mistake.
an enumeration of choices
that lead to this point.
to these words.
to my reaching out to you.
out of twelve billions years
of evolution.
of natural selection.
from single celled organisms.
to here. to now.
to these electrons on your screen
coming to to you like a dream.
claiming we are here together.
sharing in life’s journey.
where it takes us no one
knows, for certain.
for we are certain in our uncertainty.
if anything we know no one knows.
deep down inside ask…
the mystic.
the preacher.
the rabbi.
the philosopher.
the scientist.

pull them away from their
podiums and offices.
pull them away and bend
their ear.
make sure it is clear
that your question
is off the books.
Do you really know?
Do we really know?

if they answer honestly
the answer will be no.
there is only belief.
belief in this being real.
this flickering light reel
of moving pictures we call reality.
studied as consciousness.

some can frame it.
many try to contain it.
but it is fleeting, escaping.
as we try to grasp it.
codify it.
turn it into right or wrong.
all we have is our song.
the notes we choose to add.

call me a realist.
call me a pessimist.
i know i do not know.
like Socrates i admit
my ignorance.
I see that as the beginning.

like the Tao i call
it the everything,
the universe,
for lack of a
better word.

grab their ear.
stare deep into their eyes.
they will tell you it is your
life to live.
make it what you will.
give fully.
share painfully.
live heroically.
die trying.



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