Building a Nation

Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word, Survival, TheMachine, Truth


At night in a cell
A mind that is bound
Remembers torn flesh found

Remembers wrongs done
As it looks for vengeance
Upon the day to come

As night dangles its dice
Above the rabid mind
Readying for the hunt

Enslave a mind and build an army
Ready to use fear to inflict
Ready to engage in global conflict

Sleep walk into another country
Earn a college degree
Force upon the natives your civil liberty

Sleep walk into a church
Condemn all who do not agree
With an ancient philosophy

At night in a cell
A free mind can disappear
Remembers the best of years

Remembers poems and verse
To rehearse when the body weakens
As time slows in tropical heat

The free mind
Is building a nation
On the other side

Has blueprints memorized
Knows what stones to quarry
Knows when not to worry

For freedom is reason
It is a right
And rights are not given


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