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Posted by on Jun 2, 2010 in 2010, Choken Word, Fear

Trickle down and around this economy is not sound, when foolish mistakes are made on account of a penny. On account of million dollar bonuses that do not go to my town. She had an Indian accent. I first called her to inquire about their affiliation. Was the storage facility we rented part of a BP gas station? Online we saw no clue. We rented a space for all our belongings to be stored so they would not become unglued. We drove all day in our U-haul wondering what the BP initials our storage reservation print out did mean. Was this the same BP that did cause the Gulf Coast oil spill? Or was this just a coincidence not to be concerned with as well. I worried about my stuff mostly and if the space would be burned down. I worried about giving my money to any business with the BP crown. I thought about this the whole trip with my wife. We thought deeply about what it would mean to give our money to this company at this point in our lives. Could we morally support BP with our monthly investment? Would spending money on anything that is BP be our life’s latest testament.

So as we pulled in with our 26 foot truck into our new home. The first thing we did was call the storage facility to see where they were from. Hoping the storage facility was short for “Better Peace” or “Best Placement” instead of “British Petroleum”. And there I was listening to this woman’s worried voice. She confirmed our thoughts were true and that we had to make moral choice. That she was indeed part of the petroleum beast destroying our Gulf as we spoke. I got off the phone and angrily told my wife. We must find another storage facility, one that is not part of this strife. I eagerly called back to give the lady the news.

Hi there, I was the one who called earlier and asked about your affiliation with BP. I’m sorry but I can not support that company. And she said in the saddest voices I’ve heard in some time. But what am I to do I’m a private business owner? I just happen to own a BP gas station, what did I do? I told her I’m sorry but I can not help you. She said I’m sorry and I understand. That she would cancel our reservation. I hung up the phone and my heart sank at this intervention. My wife and I thought about this as we drove to our new storage space.

A corporation’s decisions can destroy so many people’s lives. Not only the shrimpers and fishermen who now have crude in their waters. But even the small business owners who had faith in their business powers. To build a better life for themselves by buying into a chain. Putting their life’s savings into a global company’s name. Every decision we make has repercussions for so many. It is hard to put your money where you heart is when it is all so connected. So with this note, I say sorry to the lady on the phone who lost one customer. I wish her well in her life and now see clearer the issue at hand. Boycott BP and you are not boycotting just a company. You are also hurting our fellow citizens who are stuck in this mess. However, It did feel good for a minute I must confess.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    June 2, 2010

    it is designed to pit us against one another…it is designed that way…

    the best way to keep ‘the people’ from noticing exploitation is to keep them divided against one another….

    a moral crisis is unfolding…

  2. globatron
    June 2, 2010

    What are we to do? Does boycotting BP solve the problem or just hurt our fellowman?

    I’ll never forget that conversation with that woman and I wish her the best.

  3. Greg
    June 2, 2010

    As much as I wish it mattered in the end of things, it won’t.
    I remember when something like this in Jacksonville happened, (Mayor wanted to increase the milage rate some huge amount) and the protesters were saying to everyone to Boycott Gate gas. Unfortunately with the business contracts and everyone just needing convenience in getting fuel there was no real impact on the bottom line.

    What’s the answer? I don’t know, I just know that as a people we have little power anymore unless we can find a single unified front to act as one. But given the divisive nature of just our country that is unlikely


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