Blame Yourself

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You can blame me if you so desire.
I caused the oil spill with my growing fires.
I caused the oil spill with my growing greed.
I caused the oil spill with my endless stomach to feed.

I needed everything this planet had to offer me.
I needed instant gratification so I would feel free.
I needed plastic containers for my food to nuke.
I need fast cars to drive so I could get to work and puke.

From the night we went out and binged drank at the big game.
From the reality show we watched as I desired more fame.
I needed the big house to cool and heat all night and day.
I needed all those plastic toys so my kids did not go outside and play.

I needed all that fast food I could ingest when I was too lazy to cook.
I needed to throw away all that styrofoam that we took.
I needed a new smart phone every upgrade.
I needed the best buy so I would not lose much pay.

I imported my hunger across the ocean to your land.
I sold my way of life to others in desert sands.
I am everywhere now and you are me as well.
If you don’t live like me, you soon will I do tell.



  1. Akbar Lightning
    May 28, 2010

    one of your best posts to date…

  2. crystl37
    May 28, 2010

    I agree.

  3. logocentric
    May 28, 2010

    this is a fantastic poem!

    and the video honestly makes me want to “get to work and puke.” but not necessarily in that order.

  4. globatron
    May 28, 2010

    shucks. i’m blushing. i was watching the news last night and saw everyone trying to point a finger at who is to blame. i thought about me and the life i’ve lived all supported by petroleum based products. Even the glasses I see through have plastic lenses. My entire reality is shaped by petroleum products. So who really is to blame?

    We bought this way of life hook line and sinker. We knew it was poisoning the environment. We knew it was poisoning us. We knew a catastrophe like this could happen. We knew that eventually there would be repercussions to pay. But we did nothing. We waited for our government. We waited for the scientists to come out with a better solution. We waited while we gladly used all the products and every so often wondered when it would come to an end.

    I hate to again be dwelling on the negative but I do believe this will kill the American economy and when that happens we will have some interesting times ahead of us. And the only real person you will have to blame is the person you see every day in the mirror. I know you because I am you. Hurts doesn’t it.

  5. crystl37
    May 28, 2010

    well said again. However, what the hell were we supposed to do? We are not privy to the details of what big oil is up to, until something like this happens. And I am sure there is nothing resembling full disclosure going on here. I know this may sound like a defeatist position, but I can say with all certainty that there is nothing in my life I could have done to change this state of affairs. I would be willing to bet that anyone who reads this would have to admit the same thing.

    I can also say with certainty, that I tried. I mean I really tried, to the tune of about $35000 and a couple years of my life. I tried for 7 years prior to that, to educate myself and everyone I came in contact with, to minimize the damage, reduce the consumption-on the front lines of the automotive industry, in a repair facility, I worked directly with the public, and the service industry.

    What I learned was that big oil, the auto manufacturers, and the EPA had been involved in a silent war, spanning 100 years, to keep from the public the fact that combustion engines do not require petroleum based fuels to run. They run on water and electricity. It is a well proven, and nearly totally supressed truth.

    Additionally, I was directly involved with the application to the EPA for approval on a product that converted any computer controlled gas engine to run on bio-fuels such as ethanol with considerably lower noxious emissions. I have direct personal experience with the ethanol production industry, and the reality of an almost totally renewable production process.


    It doesn’t matter.

    We haven’t had a choice.

  6. globatron
    May 28, 2010

    I totally agree. That’s the hard part about it.

    The problem is as so many often argue, is that corporations are made up of people just like us. So maybe you and I have not had a choice but members of our human family have and have chosen the path you have outlined above.

    I applaud you for the effort you have put in. Bravo. I personally have done nothing but try and ride my bike to work as much as I can.

  7. Akbar Lightning
    May 28, 2010

    i would argue that you did more than try crystl, you did…just because the entire world did not change, some things were affected by efforts, even if you can not always see it..

    our egos demand visible results…this is challenging for us, as we try to remain progressive in a regressive world…

    but it is important to maintain hope, not simply because there is some ‘fight’ and we got to keep fighting for some goal…no hope is the sustainable engine of human happiness, and without continuing to drive forward in spite of challenges we will spiral into hopelessness and insanity…and that is frankly, just a lot less pleasant, and ultimately not good for anybody…

    none of us can live saintly lives, that is what unifies us, but there is a remarkable difference between people who try to improve their world and those who give up, and the measure of difference is a sense of purpose and meaning…

  8. Greg
    May 29, 2010

    So next time you have a loved one in the hospital ask them to turn off all the electricity and modern comforts when they treat them. As much as we want to act all shocked and appalled by this it really is not a huge shock. Consider the fact that more foreign contaminates are expelled into the atmosphere every year by volcanos than all man made emmisions combined. By 3 – 1 no less.

    The oil spill is tragic and will be handled, the sad fact is unless we allow drilling in less risky locations this type of issue will occur again. Perhaps we should be able to drill in like Alaska, the Mid West, and off the near coast of the US. The fact that we have pushed things so much to force the oil companies to go so far off the coast to drill is the reason for this.

    And I am now knowing the flammage will come. Remember, the oil powers our society for better or worse. You want to do without it, well good luck.

  9. Akbar Lightning
    May 29, 2010

    come on greg, seriously, you are being extremist….

    the whole notion that we are advocating a return to a primitive lifestyle is just silly…

    oil may power our society, but it also has effects, and it is the effects we are talking about….if you want to engage in that discussion, please do so…but if you keep attempting to divert the discussion to simplistic political dogma, i am going to have to ask you to reconsider your participation, because it is hard to see how you are being constructive at this point…

  10. Greg
    May 29, 2010

    You listed the video that showed political content and support. If this was not to have a political angle to it then why put that as your support. I am merely pointing out the facts that like or not we need oil to survive and support our quality of life. To think otherwise is naive. I was making a valid point and don’t appreciate being dismissed because my comment doesn’t conform to what you want to hear.

  11. globatron
    May 29, 2010

    Greg, the truth is it is people like you who are to blame more. I feel sad for you.

    Your apathy has infected this planet. People like you and the Drill Baby Drill crowd find yourselves in a strange position with this oil spill don’t you. You can’t face the reality you live in. This is a call for change. Instead you see it as a reason to drill more. People like you will assure the destruction of the human race.

    I hope you are proud of yourself. I’m not proud of myself and the culture I live in. I find it amazing you can be.

  12. Greg
    May 29, 2010

    Blame? Again you slant things to having to blame someone.
    I am honest about what is. My apathy as you put it is a simple acceptance of what is. Consistantly telling yourself water is not wet does not make it true.
    Globa with all due respect I can with complete confidence say I have better grasp of reality than you assert. As for being proud? Pride over what? Should I feel shame over the oil spill? I guess you would have all of us that drive cars, use electricity, wear makeup, benefited from anything made of plastics, or any number of other tie ins to petroleum products hang our heads. You want to do that go ahead. I am not ashamed, it is nothing to be ashamed about.

    As far as the blaming of people like will be the destruction of the human race. Sure, go ahead and use the extremist, polarized, doomed earth point of view. You give man way too much credit and the Earth is far more resilent than you give it credit for.

    I would suppose you totally denounce the reports that all the data preposed to support the Global Warming model has been found completely wrong. The scientific community is even now publishing the facts that most conclusions of that group is wrong.

    Do we need more oil? If we want to stay safe in the US, yes. We need to get off foreign oil. We also need to explore alternative fuels and sources of energy but they have to be economically feasible. Spending one million dollars trying to save $500,000 is not practical or sustainable.

    I resent your pity and if I am missing reading this I apologize. The condescending tone of your comments to me is what is sad. You think anyone that disagrees with your view is to be pitied. It is paramount to the situation with opposing religions condemning anyone who disagrees with them. I am not here to rattle trees or cause problems. I am here to pose a challenging point of view so that both sides can be represented.

  13. Akbar Lightning
    May 29, 2010

    we ought to be ashamed, when we make mistakes…

    we need the atmosphere too…so if we need the atmosphere, and we need oil, and those two things are in conflict, then i think it’s pretty hard to argue that political tension arises from this condition…

    if we need the oceans to be clean in order to support our coastal communities, and we need oil…then again, we have conflicting pressures…

    you are being argumentative, and it is frankly insensitive to millions of people whose livelihoods are being destroyed because of mismanagement of our ‘needs’ as a society.

    if you believe we ought not feel things for our fellow human beings, then great….but you have not come close to presenting a valid argument for why this serves any purpose, other than the advancement of personal satisfaction…this to me, can only be understood as some kind of personality disorder…

    blame…..well, as we have talked about lately on this blog, there are those who try and those who don’t…and i’m all about those who are trying, who are struggling to hold onto basic human decency, and who are not so mentally retarded as to misunderstand that some words are innately negative like greed…like ambivalence…

    you have the audacity to present your shamelessness in the face of earnest people struggling with the sadness and disappointment of a whole way of life destroyed by greed and hastiness…and you then hide behind grade school forms of political thought…

    the most loving thing we can do for you Greg is point out that you have lost site of some very important things, and perhaps you have lost yourself in the process…greed will not see you through…i can promise you that…

  14. Greg
    May 29, 2010

    Akbar you continue to judge, gotta love it. From behind the keyboard you sit santimoniously and declare who is trying is and who is not? To what? Feel better about yourself? Really so that is what makes a person worthwhile in your perspective. Nice, truth is you don’t know anything about me first. Second, just because I said I am not going to waste time feeling baseless shame for an oil spill I did not cause does not mean I disregard the impact it will have on some people.

    If you chose to WASTE you efforts, energy, time and life on feeling sorry and shame go ahead. They are wasted efforts and seldom produce anything constructive from them.

    Basic human decency is not something I believe you also can not judge. You claim to try, try what? You are trying by eating at few local restuarants and riding your bike. Well if that make you feel better then have at it. Good for you. You condemn us that live our lives normally as slaves to the system or whatever you want to put it. If makes you feel better about yourself then great. It does not however make you better than me, in any way. So don’t talk down to me like you are superior. That I take offense to, my politcal views are different but not grade school by any means. I am pragmatic about things first because in life being rational and logical about addressing things is how you successfully survive most situations. It is when you begin to interject excessive emotion (something that you display without hestitance) then you lose the perspective to effectively deal with a situation. Being from the military and having seen real combat I tell you this is the real world.

    As far as the protection of our environment, as I said before, the scientists that backed global warming have been proven wrong, most of the data that the earth day activists were basing their whole argument on has been proven wrong. The planet does more to change itself than man could ever hope to accomplish. One study actually has found the leading cause of atmospheric pollutants is not man, but volcanos. So do you propose we stop all volcanic activity?

    I am not here to argue, I hear to present an alternative voice to the Kuhm By Ya crown that seems to revel in the belief they are better people that the rest of us because they make some gestures to appease the planet. If you were one minute think that you could live without oil or the advanced technologies made possible by our way of life then I submit feel free to drop out anytime.

    I believe Globa has a medical condition that requires extensive medical treatments. Most things found in the hospital are made from plastics which come from petroluem. So if that is the case should we simple do away with all plastics? To dismiss technology simply on the basis of one incident is an emotional response that solves nothing. We fix the issue, find better ways to get the resources we need and learn to prevent this from happening. Wasting time on feeling sorry for people does not get them back to work, get them back into being productive, the best way to help is to simply find ways to fix the issue and move on. Useless emotions that produce little productive results, shame, guilt, jealously, anger. Feeling them is fine, wallowing in them is just plain wasteful.

    You wanna think less of me, your perogitive, but don’t place yourself above me, you are not better than me.

  15. globatron
    May 29, 2010

    This post is not about disposing of all technology. You have misread it as you have most of the post on Globatron. As it’s author I can tell you that because I wrote it. That makes me an “expert” on this post. You can read it however you want Greg and you will. That’s your right. As far as wasting time, what are you doing on this site?

    Plastics are everywhere. You are correct. That it sad I think because no one needs a plastic cup to last a million years. I don’t. I believe you do and I’m fine with that. I can’t change you and I’m not trying to. I could care less if you think anthropomorphic climate change is a hoax.

    Your opinion is misinformed (without your knowledge) by the petroleum companies which have sold their findings to the faux scientist, religious and conservative community. It is all fear tactics based on your income that you will be taxed more with Cap and Trade. You will be. That is a fact. The thing is you would prefer to pollute the environment versus paying more for your products that are already well undervalued for their carbon footprint.

    What’s the worst that can happen Greg, if anthropomorphic climate change is really happening?

    Combat. Military. Who cares. I don’t. I was in the military and I’ve served during a time of combat. Only a handful of the people i served with were good people. I know maybe one that I remember. The rest of them were young kids who were sucked into a lie that serving during these wars was knoble. Most of them came from bad families or could not get a job on the outside. They were drunk most of the time or playing video games (sorry akbar). The recruiters sold them a smoke and mirrors act like they did me and now they are in the sandbox. I’m glad you find that makes you a better person.

    Yes we have petroleum in our lives. That was what this post was about. And it is indeed a sad fucking joke that we have to live with it now. Pollute the planet. Pollute ourselves. Probably one of the main reasons we have diseases as well.

  16. logocentric
    May 29, 2010


  17. Greg
    May 29, 2010

    Is that some sort of liberal high five? Yeah mature. Very.

    I am sorry that you found nothing noble about serving in the military. Most of the people I met were defending their country, getting an education and finding a purpose fulfilled with that. Most of them were not alcoholics or bad people. DOn’t know where, what branch or how you served but it is sad you find nothing positive about it.

    Yes plastics are a reality. My point is this, is going around feeling regret, anger and resentment about the society around you really productive or constructive? I mean it to me sounds like a waste of energy, effort and time.

    I am not ignorant or misinformed by some mythical giant conspiracy of big petroleum. I know the facts and know what we have. I know that I found margarine is hugely bad for you, more than just the fat, it is one molecule away from paint and is one of the only foods that never rots. It also never is eaten by animals if left out. So we eat butter now in small quantaties.

    You want to believe the world is going to end in a firestorm of human ignorance and greed that is your perogative. I came here because I found what you had to say interesting and was willing to listen and intelligently challenge the opinions. I appears you don’t honestly want debate, you want people you only agree with you and see the enlightment of your opinion.

    Perhaps instead of seeking information that just supports what you see to be true you should challenge your preconceptions and find other sources of knowledge. I chose deal with what is not waste my life and time on what I wish was. But that is my choice not yours. I am not simply on one side of an isle. I look at both sides, I also don’t listen to one video, from one man who has one opinion about something and call it fact. If that were the case I could make videos all day long and state them as facts.
    One of my favorite lines of all time is from Alec Guiness “You will find that many of the truths we cling to are dependant on a certain point of view.”

    You have yours, I have mine, neither is right or wrong, they are simply different. I hoping perhaps we can have some civil debate on topics. If that is what this place is not about then I will simply leave you to your site. Maybe I read the place wrong and it a refuge for those who wish the world was something it is not.

    I finished watching the entire video on the climate change theory, and while the gentleman makes some valid questions they are very basic and not very extrapolated on. There are lots of variables and degrees inbetween his scenarios. He even admits that.

    The other part that is never mentioned is this. He basis all this on the contingent that MAN is the cause of the climate change. Was the possibility that the planet would under go changes in climate regardless of man ever considered? I mean they KNOW for a fact the climate on the planet has changed severely in our past, ice ages, harsh volcanic wastelands, all these things have occured. Do we really think we are so powerful that we are the only thing causing global climate changes? It is not to say we couldn’t if enough effort was put into it. But I find it difficult to accept that our race and society is what is plunging humanity into oblivion.

    I leave you with nothing but kind thoughts and words. I am sorry if my differing opinion has threatened some and obviously sparked reactions. Again I thought this was a place of discussing various opinions, just not the same one.

  18. logocentric
    May 29, 2010

    Greg: regarding previous comments: I have resisted being pulled into the minutiae of this conversation, but I’ve got to say that you may have us all wrong. And that’s fine—trust me when I say we’re used to it.

    But let me get something straight off the bat. Nobody here is calling themselves better than you. It may feel that Akbar is being provocative, and I think that instinct would be right. That’s how he does it. That’s how we do it. You can imply that i belong in a box called “liberal” or “immature,” and that’s cool. That’s your thing. But we don’t abuse people here—we evaluate and judge ideas. We do this because we have observed that ideas are powerful, that they matter, and that too many people have relationships with their ideas that are dysfunctional, that are unexamined; and that ideas are too often used as weapons to defend those weakly-analyzed positions. And that becomes harmful to others. And I direct this at most of the people I’ve ever met–i.e., spread this out over the entire table or chart or whatever which collects and packages ‘liberals,’ ‘conservatives,’ ‘libertarians,’ ‘communists,’ ‘fascists,’ and so forth.

    So don’t take it personally, please. The ideas you have are not really your own, after all. You don’t own them, in other words—they’re not property that need to be defended. And the case is so for all of us. And getting defensive wastes energy that could be used to seek common ground. So we’d love to have you if you want to participate. But please do everybody a favor and really put your best thinking behind your words. You can relax and lay down your arms; this is a safe zone.

    As for the often-repeated argument that “this is the way things are” and that to deny “the way things are” is “naïve,” well, I know that world very well. I was raised in its depths of pragmatism; in its celebration of the common and its skepticism of those who wreck tradition. I know where you’re coming from. I’m not saying I know you personally, but I know that world of ideas very, very well. It’s not a gross generalization to discuss the ideas to which many tie their personalities; so don’t confuse yourself on what this is about. My point here is 1. that “naïve” is a label like any other; and 2. the argument that “It is what it is”—the resignation to conditions that we all know are unjust, and that clearly condone more of the same—is a mouthpiece for intellectual and spiritual death. And, as Akbar wrote somewhere along the thread, it is the slogan of the enemies of truly democratic (small “d”) society. Now, I’d love to hear what you think about that. But please—I’m not calling you undemocratic. You are not responsible for the oil hemorrhage or for disease. But collectively, we are. That is the larger point. And to miss it is to miss what we are about.

    Now, again, you’re welcome here, as far as I’m concerned. But don’t come into our house and shit on our rug under the pretense that you’re preserving free speech. That’s disingenuous. Behave yourself, and I promise you that respect will be returned a hundred fold. Now, that’s as confrontational as I get on a personal level. And that’s COMPLETELY different from the issue concerning having the right-and-only-true ideas or whatever you seem to think we’re peddling. We’re decent people; we like to be around decent people, whatever their ideas happen to be.

  19. globatron
    May 30, 2010

    Logocentric, I don’t think I could have stated it any better. I know I couldn’t. Thank you.

    To summarize:
    Welcome Greg. Bring forth your best ideas. Please don’t ask to be flamed. That to me is a big red flag that someone is coming into this just for arguments sake. And definitely don’t piss on our carpet. We’d love to share the carpet with you so we don’t want it pissed on.

    As far as the free speech thing goes, I’m a bit tired of folks on the web screaming about free speech. Blogs are meant to be moderated. We are allowing Greg in this conversation for good reason. So we can possibly learn from him. That’s what this is all about. If he is just in this to argue then I don’t see it as a valid form of communication and one that can be moderated.

    There is a big difference between arguing and having a dialogue. We definitely like hearing another side or a new side but I’m not really into hearing bullet points from the libertarian party or whatever party you are affiliated with. If you can come to this site and try to define your idea that’s fine. Why do you think that way and where did you get your information, etc? If you are going to supply bullet points where did you get them and why do you feel they are correct? But as Logocentric pointed out all of our ideas are really not original so there is no need to get defensive when someone disagrees with you, especially when you are coming here knowing that you are here to stir the pot.

    Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve or pretend to. I do for sure in my posts but in my comments I’m pretty removed lately I feel. We need a bit of distance to find any sort of common path I feel. Don’t talk to us as if you are our father. Luke I am your father. We are all grown up with children. Fathers with parents. Adults with a lot of responsibility on our plates. We don’t need to prove ourselves to anyone and we don’t try to.

  20. Logocentric
    June 13, 2010

    A recent Times piece:

    essentially, it echoes globatron’s post.


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