Anxiety Reflux

Posted by on Sep 7, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, New Media

A red fire. Caught in my stomach. Stuck in my throat. Making me choke. Making my mind bloat. Rotating lights of super sharp flat screens. A smart phone. A laptop. A tablet. This ball rotates and shows headlines. What is going on in this world? How quickly we are on the decline. Showcasing partisan bickering as if it is a game. Politics enough to make anyone veer from the path they had set out to climb. The mountain top is high and the path is hard. Boulders along the way so you must travel light. Light on your toes despite, all the weight we carry. The weight not external but inside. The weight of the world to decide which path mankind wishes to take.

A thin wire. It has no name and rotates within. Agitated, shaken and stirred. This anxiety is not for you or for me. It is to be released. It is to be given room to be. To be extinguished and to make you free. Rotating the wire pricks our stomachs from within. Acid reflux a sign of our disgust. A sign of our growing lack of trust. A different theme for today the headlines stream. A news memo released for us to read. To pick new gossip and new memes. To control the thoughts we grow and breed.

A black hole. I remember life before all of this. A child living in a state of bliss. Using only my imagination, I played. No need for media to see. Then quickly, I was pulled in. Sesame Street was my gateway drug. Indoctrinated with television, commercials and toys. With shiny packages I became a branded boy. I learned the logos that built my world. I became a slave in this capitalist drug field. That is quickly dying. Having tapped too many resources. Having developed too many molecules for our lives. There is no plastic bottle large enough for the black hole we feel.

Even more molecules needed for a new plastic belt. Our stomachs too large we all have felt. Now, we cannot unplug with all our will. This system is everywhere and has bought all the water, food and pills. Our air will have a logo soon too. We will choke on the logos printed on the oxygen in the room. As we breathe the corporate wealth vented through the smokestacks and streams. The cancer and heart attacks will grow and scream. With no one to answer is this a dream?


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