Empty Vessels

Posted by on Sep 15, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, OccupyTogether

Democracy is dead
Its stomach is bloated and starved
For it has not been fed
Fluids leak out of its body

Its population is illiterate and proud
In the past citizens desired to learn
Now, angry crowds grow weary and loud
Now, knowledge is demonized and attacked

Fear is used to keep us in line
Our leaders would prefer us not to know
Ignorance a tool used to hide
The crimes and injustice they sew

The American flag a perfect symbol
Red for the blood that flows
Blue for the depression we grow
White for the truth we will never know

I have heard stories of knowledge driven societies
Who were well read and remembered verse
Who carried their Google in their heads not their purse
Their intellect grew our democracy now birthed

Every man a symbol
Every man a vessel
Filled with nothing we attack
All opinions now turned into history and fact


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