America the Beautiful

Posted by on Oct 8, 2011 in 2011, Choken Word, OccupyTogether

I man this station with these fingers.
Typing so that we may exist.
To let the world know this cause is true.
That the survival of humanity is what we renew.
That corporations and banks have had their take.
That teachers and unions are the backbone of the Republic we make.

No longer will we stand by and listen to media’s talking heads.
Their words funded and formed by the few.
The one percent that controls their actions.
Their media blackout not a distraction.
But a sign of the chains they buy and sell.
All their actions controlled by Wall Street’s opening bell.

One news channel has made an open deal.
Preaching bias for their mansions and meals.
They claim to be the voice of America.
They have no right to speak these words.
For Americans are not represented in their view.
They see and hear only the Christian right.
To prop up their fascists might.
An agenda that corporations buy.
Using fear as a tool to usurp our tribes.

As their militias grew the past few years.
As their hatred for the President veered.
Into social issues that did not create jobs.
Into race bating posters they frequently lobbed.
Nothing was achieved but a fearful Congress.
Who kowtowed to a movement that lost its way.
Wanting to destroy all government instead of creating equal pay.
They screamed, “We want our country back.”
Not knowing that was a racist attack.
For who took their country?

Now we have a vision and a new path.
A movement that embraces all religions, races and creeds.
As long as we are working to remove corporate greed.
We can save this country.
For the soul of America is the soul of earth.
All cities influenced by the deeds done from Wall Street’s mighty perch.
As the traders sit up high drinking their champagne.
The 99 percent have begun to regain.
Their dignity, through sharing their pain.


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