A Moment of Zen

Posted by on Dec 10, 2013 in 2013, Choken Word


Little chicks in the back of the van strapped in, to their safety seats chirp and yell and slam ideas around in pretend worlds as their parent’s dodge frequency ranges equal to any weapon of sound.

Try not to be alarmed. This is them being happy. This is playtime. Role playing. These are screams of joy being allowed to explore on road trips short or long.

I now put on earphones and embrace the ride as the these sounds pierce ear drums unaccustomed. Not capable. Too sensitive.

Yesterday, I would try and correct the uncorrectable. This sharpened spear of chirp pierced all brain matter. Killing any possible moment of zen.

That was then, now with earphones plugged in, volume high, I am letting it go, allowing their voices to harmonize with the world I helped create. For little chicks need to chirp and don’t mean to hurt, anyone.


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