A Grand Mal View

Posted by on Jan 10, 2012 in 2012, Choken Word, healthcare, Survival

My skull in a clamp
as the seizure set in.
My entire body lifted and twisted.
With my bone flap adjusted.
Brain matter open.

If only one millimeter off
I wouldn’t be here today.
A slice of nerve.
Too much blood lost.
Brain swelling costs.
Cranial pressure off.

But I awoke just fine.
Left leg disconnected.
Consciousness resurrected.
The urgency of time, sublime.
To have one more chance.

I sit here with you today
Three years after surgery.
Three years to know my children.
To know you.

To wake and view
the world and all its beauty.
The world and all its chaos.
How lucky we are.

Photos from the 2nd Surgery


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